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Design V. Chaos

God’s Electrical Basis for Order in the Universe

Electricity and Physics for the 2003-2004 Homeschool Year
God has created two forms of energy:

1. Raw Energy in the form of waves, like light, ultraviolet, infrared,
electrical, radio, and many other types of waves.

2. Refined Energy. God gave the raw energy a positive and negative charge so that it could bind together into spinning rings of energy to form matter. This is called the Spinning Ring Model of the Atom. Developed by Dr. Lucas and Dave Bergman. This year’s lessons will be based upon Russ’s best selling book, Design v. Chaos, A New Model of the Atom Based on Classical Science and a Biblical World View. Russ’s book is written in 6th grade language so that all levels can understand this amazing atom that God has created for the basis of the physical universe. If you understand magnetism you can understand the new model of the atom.

Hands on activities with circuit boards, ancient electricity, crystal skull, static electricity, crystal radios, Christian inventors, exploring magnetism, and much more.

In the Fall we will offer Science camps where you will receive 8 science lessons, activities, and games in 2 days. Usually 9AM to 2PM*. The cost is less than $5 per hour per student. [9hrs. of classes for 2 days = $40 tuition for each child] There is a $20 materials fee per family which includes a CD Syllabus with over 500 pages of notes, colored pictures, vocabulary, quizzes, and activities.

The materials will be coordinated with the A Beka Book, “Matter and Motion.” Parents can use these classes as their complete science curriculum. There will be 40% new material from 4 years ago, a revised text book, and Teens are encouraged to come.

Tell your homeschool group leader if you are interested in these classes. We will work though them. If you have no co-op then contact us for a school near you.

Russ and Tricia McGlenn, 763 434 5047,

Web has lesson outline at Click on Adventure (scroll to classes 2003 -2004)

* Some schools may vary on times. See their leader.

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