God's Electrical Basis for Order in the Universe

Electricity and Physics for the 2003-2004 Homeschool Year


Classes.  This is a general outline for all age levels. I will simplify and downsize vocabulary for the K-3 grade levels.  One half the materials fee will be for a CD syllabus for each family.  The syllabus contains 16 lesson outlines, over 1000 color pictures and diagrams, goals, verses, vocabulary, activities, and parent administered quizzes.  Students must bring to each class a spiral notebook, pencil, and colored pencils, crayons, or markers.  The other half of the materials fee is used to pay for the hands-on models, worksheets, and scientific instruments.


My Electricity/Physics classes will be coordinated with the following optional book: Matter and Motion In God's Universe, Delores Shimmin, 1994, A Beka Books. I suggest that parents and students, who want to do extra work at home, buy the textbook, workbook, and correction book from A Beka.  I will add material in the classroom that will supplement the book and work at home.  My material will also have a quiz workbook that you can use at home.  I will provide an outline to show how to coordinate the sub chapters with my lessons.  These materials will increases the course to 120-200 hours so you can use this for your main science curriculum. 


My materials are not available in any textbook and will give Biblical and scientific principles that students and parents can apply to their other science studies. My order of presentation will be different than the book as there are certain Laws I want to build on to explain phenomenon later in the year.  There is an extensive glossary in the back of the A Beka book.  I encourage students to learn 10 new words from the list per week.  Make flash cards and drill yourself on them.  


First Semester Sept.1 to Jan. 15. (Dates may vary)


1. Static Electricity and Lightning. Its use in the Bible.

Experiments with Van de Graff machine and static electricity.  This makes their hair stand on end and other electrical demonstrations.

2. Wired for life. Circuit Boards. Circuit boards for understanding electrical principles.  

3. Household walls. Volts and Watts. Hands on wall circuits. How does electricity make our homes function. Connect a light, switch, plug in, and fuse in “wall model.” 

4. Samuel Morse: Christian  entrepreneur. The first use of electricity and a computer language. He gives God glory for his discoveries.

5. Radio Waves.  Crystal Radios and ancient communications.  Crystal radio example.

6. Crystal Skull. Mysterious Mayan artifact confounds the wise. Electricity in the Ancient World and from a potato. Reproduction of the Persian battery.  

Lessons 7-16 will be based upon Russ's Book Design V. Chaos.

7. Ancient Inventions. Scientific Development in Ancient Times.  The top 10 first science discoveries in Genesis. Russ's Book Appendix 1

8. Scientists of Faith.  Highlights of Christians in Science. Book Appendix 2

Second Semester Jan. 16 to May 15. (Dates may vary)

9. Chapter 1 Design and Order Vs. Relativity and Chaos. God is a God of order. Relativity sets science back a hundred years. Understanding magnetism.

10. Chapter 2 The Fundamentals of Classical Science are Biblically Based. God's Word and Laws apply equally everywhere in the universe.  

11. Chapter 3 Einstein's Papers: Fact or Fiction? A world view to undermine God.

12. Chapter 4 The Bohr/Einstein Atom Model. Nothing represents something.

13. Chapter 5 The Spinning Charged Electron. A cause and effect Model of the Atom & Cosmos. If you understand how magnets work then you will understand atoms.

14. Chapter 6 The Spinning-Ring Model of the Atom. God's Word and Laws are Understandable to all.

15. Chapter 7 God and the Space-Time Continuum. Can we time warp into the past and future.  What does God say?

16. Chapter 8 A Witness to Scientists.  What does Paul say to the scientists of his time about Relativity, Quantum theory, and Evolution?


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