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Russ and John


Comparative Anatomy
The Biotic Message
A Complete Science Curriculum

Russ and Tricia McGlenn have over 15 years teaching experience. They use Biological Science, the latest in computer technology: CD Power Point, a Biblical Worldview, 120 hours of materials and a personal live teacher with e mail support for parent questions and student involvement.


What you get:

• CD Syllabus with over 1200 pages of photos and interactive color
graphics, vocabulary, quizzes, games, activities, and web site references for in depth study.

• See web (below) for complete class outlines.

• There are 16 classroom hours of lessons, hands on activities, and
learning games.

• All lessons target the body, soul, and spirit of the student for a total integrated learning experience using I John 1:1 as the basis:

• “What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we beheld and our hands handled, concerning the Word of life, and the life was manifested, and we have seen and bear witness and proclaim to you the eternal life”

• Via e mail, you can ask questions, have papers critiqued, and interact with the teacher.

• Five year curriculum: (2004)Comparative Anatomy (2005)Cells and
Genetics (2006)Bio-Geology (2007)Astronomy (2008) Electricity & New Model of the Atom.


Our year's goal will be to see God's Biotic Message in the classification of the Genesis Kinds. Even if you have done Biology this material is unique and not in any Christian text. We will compare bones, skin and other body parts to look for this message. We will be dissecting specimens, examining them with microscopes, reconstructing and comparing bones of various creatures including a plastic human skeleton. We will classify the insects the students collect and explore their design using the microscopes.

Phone 805 925 9750, Email russmcglenn{at}, web

The Biotic Message
Theme: Genesis 1:24, “God said, let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind.” Year's Learning Goal: Comparative anatomy and understanding God's message in Romans 1:20 and the relationship of His creatures to each other and to man. God has made man a little lower than the angels. Heb. 2:7


We live in a world where there is a growing emphasis on the animal origins and nature of man. Yet the Bible always classifies mankind in relationship to God and never in relationship to the animals.

Leg     Triceratops
What hidden message did God put in dinosaur bones?    

Evolutionism says man is a highest evolved animal but we will show in class that God never says we are related to the animals but were made a little lower than the angels. The following is a brief explanation of the Biotic Message as explained in the book, The Biotic Message, Walter ReMine, 1994. Evolutionism says that similarity between creatures means we all evolved from a common ancestor. The Biotic Message is: similarity between creatures shows a common blueprint by One Designer. Evolutionism says mutations create diversity or differences between creatures. Since there are no good mutations, this is impossible. It could only happen by God creating a similar Blueprint (DNA) and customizing it for the needs of each creature.

Why are badger bones similar to dinosaur bones? Come and find out about God's special message seen in the bones of all creatures.

Daily Learning Goals:

1. Understanding The Biotic Message in Romans 1:20 in His creation, and the relationship of His creatures to each other and to man.

2. To help each student to see the Biotic Message in every aspect of life around them, from the tiniest cell to the most complicated interaction of the human body's organs and bones.

3. Students will be able to read the Biotic Message in God's creation as well as they can read His written message in the Bible.

4. This will be accomplished by hands on classes where the student is taught to find out for himself the truth that true science always supports and supplements God's Word.

Outline for 2004 – 2005 (see web <> for expanded

L1 The Biotic Message: God communicates over the millennium I Thes.5:21

L2 Classification of the Creation Linnaeus & Genesis Kinds Gen.1:11-25

L3 The Secret Life &Times of Unborn Children. (I) Day 1 -15 Ps.139:13

L4 The Secret Life &Times of Unborn Children. (II)Day 16 -30 Ps.139:16

L5 Seeing the Biotic Message Fish Dissection Part 1 Similarity

L6 Seeing the Biotic Message Fish Dissection Part 1 Differences

L7 The Secret Life &Times of Unborn Children. (III) Day 30 -9 months

[This program is exciting and appropriate for all ages]
L8 Cloning; An attack on the Biblical Family Ephesians 5:22-6:4

L9 The Two Secret Weaknesses of Evolutionism show God's Sovereignty

L10 Mutations: They are not our friends & are the result of the Curse. Gen:3

L11 Designer Genes. Playing God with unborn children.

L12 Wounded Spirit. Healing broken families and relationships. Matt.5:23

L13-16 Seeing the Biotic Message-Dissection of Pig- Microscope use, Creation of Life, Useless Organs?? God's orderly creation.

Contact Information:
Russ and Tricia McGlenn
1448 Sonya Lane
Santa Maria, CA. 93455
Home Phone 805 925 9750 Summer Cell 805 588 3353
e-mail russmcglenn{at}

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