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Russ & John

McGlenn July 2004 News Letter

Dear Supporters, Board, and Prayer Warriors,

“I came thinking I knew a lot about the Moon and would be bored, but what you presented was amazing.” That quote was from a 12 year old boy on the first day of our Dinosaur Creation Science Camp.

At the end of the camp, one of the leaders of the day camp said: “This was the most unique DVBS any one would have gotten this summer. The Biblical message, the dinosaur bone museum, Noah's Ark Model, and the hands on games and crafts were unique.”

The Creation Science Camp was at the Santa Maria Community Church. We had about 43 students all week. Our son, Kevin was able to be a team leader. The team leaders led devotions and developed a close relationship with their team members. Each student had a handbook for devotions. We had a good number of students who memorized all of the memory verses for the week. Our daughter, Heather, worked with another person on heading up arts and crafts. The older students made an awesome model of Noah's Ark.

We talked about the Top 10 reasons for the Moon, Witnesses who have seen Noah's Ark, Top 10 Dinosaurs Living Today, Noah's Flood in the Badlands, and answered many questions on dinosaurs and the Bible. Friday I gave an invitation to accept Jesus and 10 or 12 students raised their hands. The church will follow up on their decision.

Sunday we finished up the camp with a worship service at a park where Pastor Dave Brogren gave a message on dinosaurs and Genesis. We also had awards, a “model” dinosaur hunt, and a Santa Maria style barbeque. Russ laid out a 6 grid “dig” on the grass complete with some real bones, Indian and Pioneer habitation sites, and a plywood mammoth. The students measured and mapped the artifacts in their grid just like we do out in South Dakota. The highlight came when we assembled the mammoth that stands 9 feet tall and 14 feet long. Russ made up little packets of dinosaur bone fragments with a tract on dinosaurs and the Bible. These awards were given out to helpers and for perfect attendance, which included almost 40 students.

For August we hope to have a Skywatch with our neighbors to try to get to know them better, and a second Skywatch for homeschoolers. Prayer Requests:

1. That we can get into more churches with our message.

2. That we can get schools started in Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, and Atascadero

3. That we can keep the schools in Minnesota going with new teachers.

In Him,

Russ and Tricia McGlenn

Pictures attached.

Dino Camp Group
1. The whole group. This was the silly picture; the good one didn't turn out.

Dino Camp Ark Building
2. Building HO scale models of Noah's Ark [a small cross section]

Dino Camp Baby Dino Puzzle
3. Baby dinosaur 10 feet long [10 years old]

Dino Camp Noah Flood Musem
4. Tricia explains about artifacts [ours are reproductions] left over from the Flood.

Dino Camp Ark Animal Puzzle
5. Floor puzzle where students name the animals on the ark found in the Bible.

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