Classes.  This is a general outline for all age levels. I will simplify and downsize vocabulary for the K-3 grade levels.  One half the materials fee will be for a syllabus for each family.  The syllabus contains 16 lesson outlines, goals, verses, attributes, vocabulary, lab activities, and parent administered quizzes.  Students must bring to each class a ring notebook containing the syllabus, paper, pencil, and colored pencils, crayons, or markers.  The other half of the materials fee is used to pay for the hands-on models, worksheets, and scientific instruments. Suggested book for outside work: Matter and Motion In God's Universe, Delores Shimmin, 1994, A Beka Books. (see A Beka outline for co-ordination)


Goal.  “They (heaven and earth) continue this day according to thy ordinances, for all are thy servants.”

Ps. 119:91.  This year's goal is to show that the scientific Laws of the universe (God's ordinances) were created to serve God.  One purpose of science is to understand these laws so we humans can better serve God and understand His creation. (Prov. 1:7)


Attributes of God. Based on Ps. 199:91 and the goal above, I will be adding to each lesson the attribute of God that the ordinance (law) teaches.


1. The Sun Rev. 8:12. Is it blowing up or shrinking down? Gen.1:14-19, Ps.19 1-6

Work Station.  Solar system size using rope and ball model and Space Game.

2. Life in Space. Gen. 1:14-19, 31.  Did God create Little Green Men, ET's and UFO's?

Work Station.  GeoSafari Games.  Flying to Alpha Cencurai Game. 

3. The Moon. Part I. Gen. 1:14 & Col. 1:16-17.  Four Clues to the Age and Origin of the Moon.

Work Station. Moon capture.  Poynting/Robertson affect.  GeoSafari Games. 

4. The Moon. Part II, Ps. 89:37. 20 reasons why the Earth would die if God had not created the Moon. 

Work Station. GeoSafari Games. 

5. Kepler's 3 Laws.  Jer. 10:2, Ps. 119:91. Discovering God's Laws for the movements of the planets.

Work Station.  Applying the laws.  Bode's Law.  Gravity.  Heb. 1:3, Col. 1:16-17.  What makes it work?

6. Newton's 3 Laws. Heb. 1:3.  Discovering God's Forever Laws that govern the universe.

Work Station. Gyroscopes.  The Law of Angular Momentum. 

7. Creation of the Universe. Part 1 Gen. 1:1, 2 Peter 3:5. The “Big Bang” is “Big Bologna.” . 

Work Station.  Student Big Bang Play.  Boyle's Law and Jean's Length experiments.

8. Creation of the Universe. Part 2 Gen. 1:1, 2 Peter 3:5.

9. Mystery of the Bethlehem Star. Math. 2:1-12.  Special Christmas multimedia presentation on the Star.

Work Station. Ancient astronomy instruments.  Free bodies. Matthew 2:2

10. The Creation of the Earth in Three Minutes! Gen. 1:10.  Polonium 218 is evidence of fast creation.

Work Station.  Polonium 218 game. 

11. The Carbon 14 Dating Game. 2 Peter 3:3-7.  Seven reasons why  C14 “scientific” dating is not scientific.

Work Station.  C14 Dating Game.

12. Red Shift. 2 Kings 23:5.  A wide screen interactive computer program on the solar system.

Work Station. Computer hands on.

13. Solar System Anomalies, Romans 1: 20.  The cosmic message of God's hand in the stars.

Work Station.  Anomaly Game.  Jupiter and Saturn moon's opposite densities.

14. Stonehenge. Ecl. 3:1-8, Ps. 104:19.  An astronomical observatory and Calendar.

Work Station. Paper cut out of Stonehenge.

15. Cahokia and Empty Cities.  Isa. 2:19.

Work Station. Special 15 mn. Video and work sheet.

16. Wormwood, Comets, and Meteorites. God's Space Program; The Final Judgment.  Rev. 6-9 & 21-22, Heb. 1:12.  New Heavens and New Earth (Brown 2 chapters)

Work Station. Slides and worksheet.






For Future Classes or Alternates

8. The Two Laws of Thermodynamics Ps. 102:25-26, Isa. 51:6.  Laws that govern the aging of the Universe.

Work Station.  Marble Shute Game.

17. Astronomy and Navigation after the Flood.  Gen. 1:14-19.

18. Navigation and Charts (ocean maps)  Did Noah's children circumnavigate and map the world? I Kings 10:22

19. Map Making.  Sextants, Transits, Triangulation Latitude/Longitude.   

19. Astronomy and the Zodiac, a Biblical Perspective. Job 9:9, Isa.13:10.

20. Constellations and Noah's Sons.  The Connection.  Job 9:9, 38:31-32, Amos 5:8

21. Geocentricity and Heliocentric World Views.  (Rick p.53-54) Ecl.1:5, Ps.19:4-6

22. Space Exploration and God's Word. Gen.1

23. Space Medium.  The Key to Unified Physics. Thomas Barnes.

24. Light as a Wave.  The Thomas Young Experiment, 1800. Space Medium, Barnes, 13-2.

25. James Maxwell Creation Scientist.  Science and Biblical Faith, Barnes, p. 65-92

26. The Light Propagating Medium Theory and Applications.  Science and Biblical Faith, Barnes, p. 145-151.



                 (These sound like complex concepts, but they are in use today in science and I feel the students should be able to handle the ideas. My job is to simplify the terms so they are understandable. Younger kids will have a simpler program at this point.)

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