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McGlenn Dinosaur Dig
"Outfitters for Life"

Are you Ready to Dig Into History?


2014 Dig for July 27 - August 1 CANCELLED

Contact Russ for details. russmcglenn{at} Cell 805 588 3353

For Pictures of past digs, click HERE.

Imagine excavating dinosaur bones that haven't seen the light of day since Noah's Flood…Russ McGlenn with Adventure Safaris (Twin Cities Creation Science Association) invite you and your family on the family vacation of a lifetime! Come and experience the thrill of digging up dinosaurs and cleaning and preparing the bones for museum display. From finding the bones to seeing where they go in the museum, this truly is the best family vacation ever! Camp site included in price. One or two creation science talks a day. We usually go to the dig site in the morning and late afternoon. See Dig Page for details.

Them bones are waiting for you!

For More Information On A Typical Dig, Click HERE

Every camp begins at the orientation on Sun. evening at 8PM and so on. Every camp ends on Fri. at noon.

Scroll down for "Frequently Asked Questions"
Due to a tax placed on us by the Standing Rock Indian Reservation we have had to increase our tuition to:

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Dig:

1.The price includes the campground, which has an indoor shower, indoor bathroom (one for the men and one for the women) electricity, water, guide service, Bible based lessons on the creation, a 100 page Dig Manuel, paleontological and archeological training.
2. Price does not include food or a cabin. A ranch home is available to rent at the campsite. There are also two cabins to rent please contact Lisa Schmidt at (605) 374-5725.
3. Many people bring an RV or tent.
4. We also include colorful power point creation science teachings each day.
5. The opportunity to learn casting and painting of bones is available.
6. You receive a 100 page manual to study before you arrive.
7. Some people swim or tube on the river. You should bring your own inner tubes. There is a pool in town.
8. Lemmon is 40 miles from the ranch.
9. You should pick up groceries sometime before arriving.
10. A family is whoever is in your immediate family. If you have a further question ask. We try to work out if a friend wants to come.
11. Teachers have gotten renewal units from our dig. You get 30 hours of hands-on training.
12. The evenings can be very cool. Be sure to bring warm clothing and sleeping bags.
13. We appreciate the use of modest clothing.
14.There is a small kitchen area in the Grand Valley Hall campground which has a refrigerator, a cookstove with an oven and cook top. There is a microwave, a freezer and a table with some chairs
15. There are benches to sit on for the meetings, but we encourage you to bring your portable chairs to the meetings.

Hello Dinosaur Hunters,

This summer will be our tenth year at the Lemmon South Dakota Dig. This is an exciting and beautiful site on the banks of the Grand River with rolling prairie stretching off to the Badland buttes. We were excavating an Edmontasaurus as well as visiting a marine fossil site. We depend upon you folks to help our ministry by sending this on to others on your e mail list. We are allowed about 25 campers per week and God blessed us with all camp slots filled last year. It was because many of you helped by telling others about our Mobile Creation Science Camp.

Near Lemmon, S.D.

Unearth ancient lizards from the past at a private dude ranch.
Dig rare Dinosaurs in the Dakotas! A vacation of a life-time with the entire family.

Led by Russ McGlenn: Russ has been in education for 15 years and began focusing on creation science for the last 10 years. He has also led dinosaur digs for 9 years in the Dakotas and Wyoming.

What people have been saying about the dino digs:

“With the replica of the dinosaur bone we dug up, we have been successfully witnessing about God's judgment and God's mercy.”

“Not only the dino dig, but the teaching time and evening star gazing were outstanding!”

“Even my 5-year–old found a saurapod claw.”

Excavate amazing creatures!

Search for fantastic bones!

Mold dinosaur bones and take home a replica


* Campsites with electricity and water are available. You may use a tent or an RV.
* There may be a travel trailer to rent.
* Two very nice cabins with a small fridge in each with AC are available about 5 miles away.
* A three bedroom ranch house on site may be available for rent as well.

Other Activities:
• Swimming & Tubing on the River
• Hiking
• Star Gazing (Bring your own telescope and binoculars)
• Bone Molding
While in the Area Visit the Grand River Museum In
Lemmon South Dakota
Twin Cities 12 hrs away
Rapid City SD. 3 hrs away
Black Hills 2.5 hrs away
Badlands 3 hrs away
Bismarck ND 2.5 hrs away

See huge Dinosaur Skulls and bones in the Grand River Museum, Lemmon SD. Operated By Ranch Owners Stuart and Lisa Schmidt.

Adventure Safari's
Russ McGlenn
1618 Via Tropico.
Santa Maria, CA 93454

To Contact Us:
E-mail us at: russmcglenn{at}

For a report on Badlands fossils, click HERE
Grand River Museum

Stuart Schmidt and his wife Lisa are the owners of the ranch as well as the directors of the Grand River Museum in Lemmon. This is a museum with a creation worldview.

A great museum working in cooperation with
Russ McGlenn and Adventure Safaris
e-mail to russmcglenn{at} for more information.
The Museum is located at
114 10th Street West
Lemmon, South Dakota 57638
phone 605-374-3911
e-mail grmuseum{at}
web site

Though most digs allow only older students and adults to dig, we let every age level excavate. The dinosaur dig is an opportunity for the whole family to not only dig dinosaurs, but have good Christian fellowship and activities, too. For this camp, we will send out a 100 page manual/curriculum before the dig so you can practice dig techniques in your backyard. All camps have morning and evening classes with relevant lessons on creation science related to the area we are exploring. We also visit museums, other digs, and other historical and geological features in the area. Often crafts, water slides, swimming, rodeos, and other events can be attended during free time. There is something for everyone and all ages.

We need to know if you are interested so we can plan for materials, teachers, and dig sites. We dig on dinosaurs such as Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, Hadrosaurus (duck bill) and others. Both electricity and water are available at the ranch camp site.

You provide your own tent or trailer, and food. Motels are available in Lemmon 40 miles away or some ranch homes are available. Ask us about a bed-and-breakfast that is available in the area. Time can be spent in the beautiful, historic Black Hills on your way to and from the camp.

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