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Interactions of Tom Lawson with Ross Olson
Based on Tom's Website "Reason Vs Faith"

For Version 1.0 of "Reason vs Faith" on which this discussion was based, click HERE. For the new, mutated and, of course, improved version, click HERE.

A Comprehensive Attempt To Critique The Idea That Reason And Faith Are Incompatible
  • Ross Olson 's First Response to Tom's Website 9/24/2000
  • Tom Lawson's Rebuttal 9/29/2000
  • Ross Olson's Response to Tom Lawson's Rebuttal 10/6/2000
  • Tom Lawson's Second Rebuttal 10/9/2000
  • Ross Olson's Final Response to Tom Lawson, 10/15/2000
  • Tom Lawson's Third Rebuttal 10/21/2000
  • Ross Olson's "One More Thing" to Tom Lawson
  • Tom Lawson was asked to respond to this and said that he has already answered everything and the reader can judge.

    So reader! [Hello... Hello? Is anybody out there?] Please go ahead and judge.

  • October 28, 2000

    OK, One More, Tom.

    I promised that my last rebuttal would be the last, since we were now going in circles, and for all areas except the Grand Canyon, that is true. Those who are interested can look back at my earlier responses to see that Tom's objections have been answered. (I suspect, however, that nobody is really listening. The first person besides Tom who sees the following poem, copies it and e-mails it to me will get $10.00)

    Every day upon the stair,
    I see a man who isn't there.
    He wasn't there again today;
    O, how I wish he'd go away!

    The Grand Canyon data is part of an unfinished conversation from further back and I will make two comments. The significance of the missing strata in the Grand Canyon is not that it is missing, but that there appears to be no erosion and no deposition during the time period that is missing -- allegedly 200 million years. And in fact, there is a blending of the strata above and below the missing period. That means that in the usual scenario, the land lay all that time exactly at sea level. Nothing was deposited and nothing was removed and the layers remained soft so that when it all sank below sea level 200 million years later, the new deposits blended with the old. The evidence fits much better with the creationist scenario: a continuous series of deposits laid down by colliding currents in a worldwide flood. That is the significance of the missing strata.

    The pollen in the Pre Cambrian rocks were indeed found again in the Creation Research Society study, duplicating the work of Burdick. Chadwick used a different technique to extract the pollen. The significance of the study on possible contamination was to show that neither Burdick's data nor the repeat experiments can be explained as contamination. The real story behind the story is the suppression of data and the persecution of those who challenge the prevailing paradigm, something confirmed by Jerry Bergman in his book The Criterion. Why does science get unscientific when dealing with origins? Because there are some people who do not want to face the conclusion that they may be responsible to a Creator.



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