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Dancing with the Devil, Juggling the Facts

Bill Nye, "the science guy," has enhanced his star status by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars." He appears to be light on his feet although recent statements indicate that he is intellectually lead-footed.

His diatribe against creation began with the assertion that America is at the forefront of science and technology because of freedom of thought. He then turned right around and complained that too many people do not think as he does. I am not privy to the state of Mr. Nye's soul, which is real and precious whether or not he thinks he has one. But I do fear for his eternal destiny since such elementary errors of logic for a man of intelligence and learning indicate that he is clearly suppressing the truth.

Ross Olson engaged in a little on line debate with National geographic blogger, Greg Laden, on Fox News Local affiliate chanel 9 Twin Cities on September 24, 2013. www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/19628929/advocates-debate-bill-nyes-suggestion-to-not-teach-creationism

Ross Olson