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From: Ross Olson [mailto:ross{at}rossolson.org]
Sent: Fri 8/20/2010
To: Billington, Clyde E

Subject: FW: Paper on Giants, Nephilim

If you have the time, I am asking for critical review of the writing contest paper submitted by a high school student earlier this year.

I and he would appreciate comments.

Ross Olson

From: Billington, Clyde E [CEBillington{at}nwc.edu]
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010
To: Ross Olson
Subject: RE: Paper on Giants, Nephilim

Hi Ross,

There are several problems with this paper. The biggest one is the use of the Book of Jasher
which is a modern Mormon forgery. The ancient Book of Jasher mentioned in the Old Testament no
longer exists. Another problem is that, while it is true that many ancient Jews believed in a union of
angels and humans that produced the Nephalim, the theory of a mixture of godly people with ungodly
people is found in documents older than the 5th century as stated in this paper. One more problem is
the statement about archaeological evidence proving the existence of the Nephalim. With the possible
exception of some giant human tracks that may be pre-flood, there is no archaeological evidence on the
Nephalim. However, there is archaeological evidence for the giants that lived in Canaan at the times
of Moses and David. I am attaching an article on these giants that you may find interesting. I hope that
this helps and may the Lord bless!

Clyde Billington