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Harold "Bud" Froehlich

Harold "Bud" Froehlich, 84, passed on May 19, 2007. In his earthly life, he was the award winning, brillant, inventor and chief engineer for the design and building of the submersible research submarine Alvin. He had careers with General Mills, Boeing, and 3M. He was a TCCSA member and frequently attended TCCSA monthly meetings. He made the Alvin presentation to our organization some years

For the Minneapolis Star Tribune obituary, click HERE. ago.

Al Heitkamp

I first met Bud in 1964, when my development group was presented a "7-Wonders of Engineering" award from the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers for "The Memory of the Mariner IV Mars Spacecraft". Bud and his crew (five creationists) got one of the other 6 awards for designing the Alvin super-deep Research Submarine that later discovered the Titanic. He only hired creationists for such a difficult undertaking, because be insisted they make better scientists.

The Alvin is the only submarine to have been built in Minneapolis, and Bud said that the thing that made it so successful was that none of his engineers had worked on submarines before. They were not inhibited by traditional ways of doing things. Design goal was 5,000 feet, but Alvin has been over 14,000 feet deep. Besides the Titanic, Alvin recovered a lost H-bomb from a B-52 that crashed in deep water near Spain. Bud also received an Elmer Sperry Transportation award, that has been given, among others, to the illustrious designers of the Volkswagen, the C-47 "Dakota" plane, the first jet transport, the diesel locomotive, the GPS navigation system, and the automatic transmission.

When several of us (Max Callen, Bob Helfinstine, Peter Larson) formed the Tom Barnes Institute of Physics, Bud was the treasurer, for the total time of its existence.

Bud's obituary, written by a staff news-writer, omits the most important part of his life. He did much to promote belief in the inspiration of scripture and the absolute truth and authority of the Bible. He loved our Lord and depended on Jesus Christ for his eternal salvation. In every way possible he promoted mission work and the scientific studies that can refute godless evolution. We shall seek him among the saints before the throne of glory. Blessed be his memory.

Bill Overn