Table of Contents
NUTRITION AND THE BIBLE 1. Three Biblical Principles 11. Eating Right in a World Gone Wrong! 111. God's Original Menu to Adam and Eve IV. God's Directions for Eating after the Fall into Sin. (Less than the ideal after sin and death entered the world.) Adam and V. God's Commands and Warning Regarding the Eating of Animal Flesh and Animal Products. VI. Living Verses Dead Foods: "You Are What You Digest" VII. Healing Nutrients From Foods God Created For Our Health. (A partial list) VIII. Harmful Additives in Processed Foods IX. Oils and Fats - Those That Heal, Those That Kill X. Gluttony, Fasting and Digestive Enzymes XI. The Design of Our Creator in Whole Grains XII. PH balance: Alkalinity and Acidity in the Human Body XIII. Milk and Honey XIV. Beans and Legumes: Good Nutrition XV. Eating Close to God's Directions in Contemporary Society. XVI. References and Referrals Which Might Be Helpful