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Polls are meaningful

June 13, 2002

Letters to the editor

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

It's always good to get a second opinion when one is having a serious problem or controversy. Thus the Cleveland Plain Dealer was correct in requesting a second poll on the issue of origins. Interestingly the second opinion essentially confirmed the Zogby poll on the same subject. Apparently a majority of Ohioians would like to see the evidence for and against evolution be a part of the Science Standards.

I think these polls are meaningful for several reasons: (1) they show a consistent desire that students be given the evidence against evolution in a sort of "teach the controversy atmosphere" and (2) they show that people do not buy into the idea that the first cell eventually evolved into an Einstein after zillions of genetic "miracles" or that bacteria are the ancestors of Blue Whales (3) polls show that folks sense the search for the "miraculous" mechanism for evolution is no more scientific than searching for an Intelligent Designer amongst all the "irreducible complexities" of life itself and biological processes.

Actually to justify their theory, evolutionists depend on the geological time table which supposedly covers 600 million years or so. They read the fossil record in the light of these vast periods of time. In the March Ohio education board standards debate in Columbus, the two scientists, Krauss and Miller, urged that only evolution theory be taught, constantly evoking the fossil record as evidence for their theory.

Krauss and Miller also insisted on the importance of peer reviewed papers. They should, therefore, welcome such a paper published by the French Geological Society reporting on experiments invalidating the principles of stratigraphy. The geological time-scale used to date the fossil record was constructed upon these stratigraphic principles. They were invalidated because over three centuries ago, the naturalist Nicholas Steno had not taken into account the effect of water currents on strata formation. No one had thought of testing the basic principles until a few years ago. As a result, the millions of years reduce to very short time spans. For instance, the time callculated to form the 800 km long Tonto Group in the Grand Canyon reduces from 70 million years to fifty days or less. Consequently, fossils of species in the rocks of the Tonto Group which were thought to have millions of years between them, must have been buried within days of each other. Also for any life forms from jelly fish to dinosaurs to become fossils they must be buried quickly.

This peer reviewed research from France and the sedimentary flumes of Colorado State Un. explain a number of other false evolutionary assumptions such as: "Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago". In reality when scientists actually dated the fossils instead of the rocks they obtained radiocarbon dates in the ranges of 12,800-37,500 years for alleged 100 million year old carbonized wood and 9,980 to 25,550 RC +/- 250 years for the bones of five different dinosaurs excavated from TX, UT, CO and WY indicating they were not completely fossilized. Both of the above peer reviewed papers were followed with other technical papers. Let's quit brainwashing our children with evolutionary theory behind the mask of science; and, teach real science as found in biological processes and good scientific principles.


Hugh R. Miller
1215 Bryson Rd.
Columbus OH 43224


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