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Comments to RIDE to GLORY
by Warren L. Johns

Reviewed by Robert F. Helfinstine
President of Twin Cities Creation Science Association

The fictional setting for the Monkey II trial is presented in such a way that the reader feels almost a part of the action. The leading characters are introduced with personality and detailed family relationships that play an important part in holding the readers attention to the main action taking place on a typical college campus. Josh Ryan, the main character, is presented as a perceptive graduate student of science who has rejected the Darwinian concept of origins. And his outspoken nature combined with a rapid recall memory has put him at odds with the chairman of the science department of the college, a staunch evolutionist.

Josh Ryan does not use a biblical based creation forum to defend his position. He has no affiliation with a church and has not read the Bible. Because of a vast accumulation of scientific facts and a quick mind he is chosen to be the star witness in a staged mock courtroom setting presented as The People v. Charles Robert Darwin. Using current scientific knowledge from cell biology, genetics, geology, paleontology and statistics, Ryan presents ample information before the court to justify his position while further infuriating the chairman of the science department.

Inclusion of well documented information and many quoted references from the Creation/Evolution controversy in this type of format offers readers many pro and con details not usually read by the general public. And being combined with romance, humor, theft, arson, family problems and more adds interest and suspense for the reader. But the final outcome of the mock trial gives the reader a chance to determine how he or she would have voted if they had been on the jury. This could be very thought provoking to some individuals.

Detailed descriptions of settings enhances the readers perception of the action that is so vividly presented. I could relate to the fossil digging scenario since I have some first hand experience in that activity. Also the descriptions of the Ryan property and the college campus present mental imagery that make the actions more real.

Josh Ryan's relationship with the chairman of the science department is probably portrayed more vividly than what happens in real life to most students, undergrad or graduate, who take exception to the hard line of Darwinian evolution. But the real issue is: What is Truth?

That doesn't seem to be the issue in much of modern education I have seen some marvelous displays of ignorance on the part of teachers who promote “proofs” for long ages or animal ancestry and are not aware of the number of assumptions on which their statements are made. Honest inquiry needs to be a part of our education system so students develop skills in evaluating diverse options to real life problems.

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