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Our main activities for the year were the 10 regularly scheduled meetings held at Northwestern College in Roseville.

  • January - Dr. Tim Behrens presentation "The Emperor is Wearing Designer Genes"
  • February - David Fruehauf  on "You are What You Eat"
  • March - Bob Helfinstine   "Mammoth Remains: What do They Indicate?"
  • April  -  Walter Remine  presented  "Evolution vs. Evolution"
  • May  -  Bill Overn   on "The Age of the Earth"
  • June  -  "John Mackay vs. ACLU" in debate via video
  • July  -  Bob Helfinstine  summarized "Post Flood Catastrophes"
  • September - Lyndon Griffin presented "Inheriting the Wind: The Amazing Truth About the Scopes Trial"
  • October - Dave Stoltzmann on "Confronting Secular Journalists about the Science of Evolution"
  • November - Dr. Ross Olson presented "The Star of Bethlehem"

Our average meeting attendance has been increasing.  This shows that more people are becoming aware of our organization.  We are trying to present a variety of topics related to the basic subject of Creationism.  Suggestions for topics or speakers are welcome. 

Video recording of our meetings is done by Lehrke Productions of Cottage Grove.  Linda does a great job of editing.  Tapes may be purchased directly from Lehrke Productions by calling 651-459-0325. 

The upkeep of the TCCSA website changed hands in June when Dr. Ross Olson took over the responsibility from Fred Koestner.  The name for accessing the site was simplified to tccsa.tc, and a search engine has been included so key words can be used to find specific information.  The Calendar publicizes not only our own monthly meetings, but also information on other creation meetings within 150 miles of the Twin Cities.  Old information is kept under Past Meetings for the sake of looking back.  Adventure Safaris has posted material on their activities and resources for students.  Detailed information for the Science Fair participants is available.  We have collected and invited articles on an increasing number of topics, from our own members and other sources.  The number of links to other Creation Sites has increased to about 90 which is a rich source of information on creation topics.  We already had a large number of resources listed and these have been divided into books and videos.  Reviews of books are also posted.

Other items of interest include the TCCSA Statement of Faith, Creation Bulletins for the past year, Dan Nuckols' cartoons and some history of TCCSA which is still in process.  Links to other creation organizations are also provided.

Suggestions for additions or improvements to the website should be addressed to Ross Olson at ross{at}rossolson.org.

Adventure Safaris Report Summary  (Full report is on the website)

Russ McGlenn, director of Adventure Safaris, teaches science to home school co-ops during the school year.  In the winter/spring session he taught the Lucas/Bergman model of atomic structure, using material he prepared based on material obtained from Common Sense Science.  By the end of the school year the material was in book form with the title Design versus Chaos.  In the fall Russ began teaching Comparative Anatomy and the Biotic Message.  Walter Remine's book The Biotic Message is the basis for the lessons.

The annual Home School Science Fair was held February 12 and 13 at Har Mar Mall in Roseville.  Although participation was down from previous years, there were some great exhibits. 

Summer activities included the South Dakota dinosaur dig, a one-week session at Camp Jim and a trip to Lake Manitoba in search for the elusive Manipogo.  There were 14 families and more than a dozen individuals involved in the dinosaur dig activities.  Local residents also visited the site.  The dig site has been a success not only scientifically in understanding how the dinosaurs died, but as an evangelical outreach to the surrounding areas.  Russ was asked to speak at churches, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis and The Black Hills Creation Science Association.  He also conducted 8-10 hours of classes at camp per week and led groups to museums and other geological sites in the area.  In most cases, a clear presentation of Creation Science was presented.  Our dig and the Creationist interpretation of the site was written up in the Rapid City Newspaper.

The Manipogo expedition consisted of a group of 16 people who explored several islands and beaches plus several areas of the lake, but there were no sightings of  Manipogo.  Interviews of local residents confirmed that strange creatures are seen, but not on a regular basis.

Russ had the opportunity to present the creation message at the Lower Brule Indian Reservation, once in the summer and again in October.  He also taught a Creation Science series in a Sunday school class at Meadow Creek Church, his home church. 

Year 2001

We are beginning the new millennium with an interesting series of meetings.  Of special interest are the February meeting with Dr. Duane Gish of ICR, the April meeting with David Bergman of Common Sense Science, the May meeting with Jill Whitlock, geologist and author of home school material, the June meeting with Dr. Edward Blick of Oklahoma City and the September meeting with Dr. Don Chittick.

We thank you for your participation in our meetings and for the financial help that allows the organization to continue operating.  There are still a lot of people in the metropolitan area that don't know we exist, many of whom would benefit from the information presented at our meetings.  Our average meeting attendance has been steadily increasing, but we would like to see it continue to grow.

The TCCSA board   Bob Helfinstine, president
                                Gary Elsesser
                                Lyndon Griffin
                                Linda Gunderson
                                Al Heitkamp
                                David Johnson
                                Russ McGlenn
                                Bill Overn
                                Byron Twiss, treasurer

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