You are what you eat!
7:30, Tuesday, February 15, 2000 - Totino Fine Arts Center, Rm. 115, Northwestern College, Roseville

Rev. David Fruehauf last spoke to us in Oct. 1998 regarding what the Bible has to say about diet.  He currently serves as pastor and Director of Disability Ministries and an Assessment and Referral Counselor at Crystal Evangelical Free.  His interest in nutrition and health began when his father died of cancer at a young age and his wife, Kathy, was diagnosed several years ago with lymphatic cancer.
Our Creator God has designed us well and has told us how we should live if we would be healthy.  Current medical science is discovering that these biblical guidelines were right all along.  Beginning with God's first menu to Adam and Eve, God's directions for eating will be traced through the scriptures.  The nutrients that God has placed in food not only are designed to keep us in good health in the days appointed to us, but can directly aid the body in restoring itself to good health.  The closer we live to God's plan for human health, the healthier we will be.  We will discuss the health-giving benefits of the foods in God's menu, their proper preparation with nutritional balance and will take a look at selected contemporary "diets".  Come with your note pad and your questions.



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Dr. Kent Hovind in Albert Lea

We are delighted with the interest people have shown in the foundational question of our origins - creation or evolution.  Our major event brings one of the most remarkably gifted communicators on this subject in the entire world.  Dr. Kent Hovind is remarkably blessed with an incredible skill in communicating the truths of both Bible and Science on creation and evolution.  His presentations are both marvelously humorous and entertaining, yet profoundly serious on this all-important subject matter.

Dr. Hovind's goal is to strengthen the faith of believers, to confound and convict the evolutionists, and to win the lost to Christ.  Dedicated to the proclamation of factual scientific evidence supporting the Biblical record of creation, his fact-filled informative seminars cause even the most devout evolutionist to "sit-up and take notice."

I can't encourage you strongly enough to come and bring your friends, neighbors, young people, pastors, teachers, believers and unbelievers.  If you have to drive a distance to get here for Friday evening/Saturday morning, there couldn't be a better time to take a vacation day from work or consider pulling the kids out of school for this event.      7 PM 3/31/00 and 8 AM 4/1/00. - gaudian{at} -

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