Evolution Vs. Evolution!
7:30, Tuesday, April 18, 2000 - Erickson Center Rooms A & B, Northwestern College, Roseville

Walter ReMine's talk deals exclusively with what evolutionists say.  Two factions are discussed: the Classical Darwinists versus the Punctuationists.  These two groups contradict each other on their key expectations of evolution.  These amazing contradictions will be illuminated.  This talk does not rely on anything creationists have to say, it is thoroughly mainstream science with nothing evolutionists can object to.  Yet when you understand how these two factions thoroughly contradict each other you will understand why creation is here to stay.
Mr. ReMine is a native of Rochester, MN and holds an MSEE degree from the University of Minnesota.  He has worked on projects dealing with epileptic seizures, surgically implanted aids for the deaf and electrical stimulators for physical therapy.  His interest in the creation/evolution controversy stems from his college years in the 1970's.  His book
The Biotic Message is the culmination of 11 years of research.  Additional information is available on the web at: http://www1.minn.net/~science.

Please note the meeting location.  The Erickson Center is the first building on the left after the guard shack.

May 16, Bill Overn -  Radiometric dating and the age of the Earth.
Coming up - The concept regarding sin and death.  Was there death before Adam?
                 - A video presentation with John Mckay debating an ACLU member.


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Creation Resources in the Twin Cities

    Are you aware that there are resources available to you right here in the Twin Cities?  Of course we have the TCCSA meetings 10 times a year with video tapes of most programs available from the address to the left of your name on page 2.  Adventure Safaris has two science teachers for home school co-ops.
   John Nuckols has a book table on display at TCCSA meetings, .  John has books and tapes from many sources covering several areas associated with science from a creation perspective.
    For home school families especially, but not exclusively, there is CERC.  CERC is the Christian Educational Resource Center located at Grace Church in Roseville.  Their reference material is available on site and much of it may be borrowed for a small fee.
    CERC also has a Curriculum Lab with materials from many well known publishers.  It will allow you to check it out before you decide what is right for your students.  Call 651-633-6479 for information on their hours and directions to get there.
    WCTS (AM 1030) and KTIS (AM 900, FM 98.5) have programs by Ken Ham, Ian Taylor, ICR & others.
    Check our web page for helpful links and Bill Overn has a web page at www.phoneguy.net with more information..

Summer Vacation Plans?

Summer is just around the corner and you may want to start making plans now.  Adventure Safaris is sponsoring digs in Wisconsin in May, South Dakota in June and July and a Manipogo search in Manitoba in August.  Russ would like to present information on activities to churches, schools and other groups.  Contact information is on page 2.
Alpha Omega Institute in offering "Discover Creation" family camps in Colorado this July and August.  They have special programs for children ages 5 - 12 and outdoor activities for everyone.  For more information look them up at www.discovercreation.org or call 970-523-9943 or e-mail discover-creation{at}juno.com.

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