Post-Flood Catastrophes
7:30, Tuesday, July 18, 2000, Erickson Center, Rooms A & B, Northwestern College, Roseville

Following his talk on mammoths last March, Bob Helfinstine was asked several questions but time did not allow for adequate answers.  Bob is returning with some answers to your questions.

Creationists who can appreciate the radical changes the earth experienced as a result of the Genesis flood sometimes have difficulty recognizing the changes resulting from post-flood events described in secular records and Bible history.  Why do we find the remains of so many astronomical observatories?  How do we explain the unique structure of the major mountain chains?  What was involved in the Biblical prophesies of fire and early sunset found in Amos?  Secular writings tell of lost continents, of heavenly dragons and serpents, of huge tidal waves and more.  Physical evidence reveals mass destruction of plant and animal life, some of which is often erroneously attributed to the flood.  Bob will summarize the catastrophic periods and review pertinent information related to these events.  Note: this month we meet at the first building on the left, past the gate house.

Walter Remine vs. Prof. Massimo Piggliuci
Saturday, August 12, 7 PM to 10 PM University of Minnesota, Physics Building, Room 150 Admission: Adults $5.00 College students (with ID) and younger are free
"Does evolution or intelligent design better explain life's diversity?"

     Walter Remine, author of The Biotic Message, will meet Prof. Massimo Piggliuci of the University of Tennessee in a debate sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance, a new national organization of atheist and agnostic students.  Each participant will have forty-five minutes to present their positions, followed by an intermission, and then fifteen minute rebuttals from each side.  Written questions will be accepted from the audience: two minutes are allowed for each answer and one minute for a response from the other side.
     Come and support Walter in this wonderful opportunity to present the evidence for intelligent design (informal hallway chats often take place late into the night after these events).Late-breaking updates at our July 18 meeting.

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