Inheriting the Wind: The Amazing Truth About the Scopes Trial
7:30, Tuesday, September 19, 2000, Totino Fine Arts Center, Rm. 115, Northwestern College, Roseville

Education events in Kansas dominate creation news today.  But no recent event had the impact of the Scopes trial in 1925 Dayton, Tennessee!
Lyndon Griffin presents an historian's insight into the most famous of all creation/evolution confrontations.  The trial legend is far more myth than reality.  Nothing is as it appears, or is reputed, to be!  Both
good guys and bad guys are hard to identify.  No fundamental creation issues are ever addressed.  Scopes himself probably never taught a single word of evolution from Hunter's Civic Biology.  The jury was nowhere to be found during the trial?  And what about the impact of skinny-dipping during the hot July days of the trial?  What about it?
Mr. Griffin is owner of Griffin Communications, specializing in legal, non-profit and human resource consulting.  He is author of the book,
The Art of Winning Interviews, and is an expert on question/answer and cross-examination techniques.
An historian by education, a communicator by vocation and a creationist by birth (2nd), Lyndon was well received when he last addressed TCCSA in June, 1999 on "Neanderthal Man."  You will find his presentation style both informative and humorous for all ages.  Don't miss it!

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