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Coming up . . .
Chittick interview 9/14-8:30am, 7pm, WCTS-AM 1030
Oct.   16, Open Forum for your questions
Nov.  6,   Russ McGlenn

E-Mail Updates

We now offer e-mail updates and reminders for meetings and activities in our area. Would you like to be on our e-mail list? Send your request to david.johnson{at} You will continue to receive this newsletter unless you ask for e-mail only.

Questions Wanted

October is your chance to get your questions discussed and hopefully answered. Is there something you have a problem with in Scripture or elsewhere? E-mail your questions to david.johnson{at} and we will try to find answers at our October meeting.

HELP!  Enclosed is a poster about Dr. Chittick's Talk. Please find a place in your church, school or elsewhere to post it and spread the word.

Good News Keeps Getting Better

John Nuckols will have all books, videos and other resources discounted at our September meeting. Come and pick up bargains for your library and for gifts.

Have you checked out If not, you are missing a great resource. Ross Olson has put together some really good articles, information and links to other sites around the world.

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