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Oct. 15, Clifford & Barbara Wilson; Early Genesis in the Light of Modern Research
Oct. 16, The Wilsons; The Outer Space Connection
Nov. 19, Rod LeVake; His story from Fariboldt, MN.
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Creation Vs Evolution course at Northwestern

Tues. nights: 6:30-9PM - 10/1, 8, 22, 29, 11/5, 12.
Totino Fine Arts Center #F116  Cost is $66 to NWC Walter J. ReMine, BSEE & MSEE
Confused about our origins? See scientific evidence for creation. This course studies scientific issues in: biology, the origin of life, natural selection, embryology, the fossil record, irreducible complexity, and the philosophy of science. See why the Intelligent Design movement continues to grow. Walter is a proponent of Intelligent Design theory, and author of the book,
The Biotic Message.

Daniel Nuckols came in 1st

Our own Daniel Nuckols, cartoonist extraordinaire, entered a contest to design a T-shirt for the Talk the Walk program on KKMS radio (980 AM). His entry was selected, displayed at the State Fair and will be used in ministry in upcoming months. Check out one of Daniel's recent cartoons in this newsletter.