2002 TCCSA Annual Report


TCCSA is dedicated to providing educational and scientific information, within a religious context, to the public. As such we are apologists for the truth proffered by God in the book of Genesis in particular and the Bible as a whole.

Year 2002 developments reflect change at TCCSA.  Management change produced a new president, Lyndon Griffin, replacing long-term board president Bob Helfinstine.   Freed of some of his administrative responsibilities, Helfinstine remains a very active board member, focusing on board and personal creation-oriented projects.  Byron Twiss has achieved wonders with the increasingly complex demands of the TCCSA treasurer’s office.  Corporate secretary Al Heitkamp, ably assisted by acting secretaries Bob Helfinstine and Dave Johnson craft board minutes.

The board began an initiative toward college campus outreach by adding TCCSA’s first college student board member, Steve Macks, of Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota.  The goal is twofold: encourage college student attendance at TCCSA regular meetings in the Twin Cities and provide outreach for assistance to colleges and universities throughout the state of Minnesota who wish to learn about creation issues.  Director’s Ross Olson and Linda Gunderson have steered these efforts.

Books sales at meetings changed when John Nuckols’s residential move made it difficult to continue providing his turnkey service to meeting attendees.  Led by Treasurer Byron Twiss, Dave Johnson, Gary Elsesser and program director Linda Gunderson, TCCSA now provides a modest selection of very high quality creation oriented books for sale to attendees.  Gunderson also provides all the promotional literature and lapel buttons available at the book table, highlighted by the new and very popular TCCSA meeting poster promotion.  Video tapes of speakers and programs continue to be produced by Linda Lehrke of Lehrke Productions

Communications are critical to small organizations and TCCSA is achieving much on a very small budget.  Dave Johnson writes and edits the monthly newsletter, manages the mailing and e-mailing lists, and implements member e-mail sends.  Linda Gunderson initiated TCCSA’s first telephone book listing and administrates incoming phone calls.  The TCCSA web page (tccsa.tc), donated and managed by Dr. Ross Olson, is nothing short of spectacular.  The web page includes everything one would ever want to know about TCCSA organization, events and history as well as a voluminous link list and very energizing ongoing debates.

Few local creation organizations can match the quality and variety of the TCCSA monthly speakers program.   Program chairperson Linda Gunderson oversees the endless complexity of securing meeting rooms, confirming speaker commitments, negotiating speaker fees and expenses and the pressures involved with live events.  Uniquely in 2002, Linda also coordinated with Dr. Ross Olson’s supreme effort in organizing a U.S. speaking tour for Drs. Clifford and Barbara Wilson of Australia.

List of 2002 Meetings

January 15                        Bob Helfinstine                         “Why the Big Bang is not a Valid Cosmological Concept”

February 19                        Dr. Jed Macosko                         “Life’s Molecular Machine: Chance or Design?”

March 19                        Dr. Charles Aling                         “Joseph in Egypt: Fact or Fiction?”

April 30                        Nancy Pearcey                         “Darwin and the Berenstain Bears”

May 21                        Dave Stoltzmann                         “Answers that Frustrate”

June 18                        John Nuckols                         “Evolutionists Usually Say Oops: Noah to Abraham”

July 16                        Lyndon Griffin                         “Ohio Board of Education Debate” – video & analysis

September 17                        Dr. Russ Arndts                         “The Logic of Fossil Interpretation”

October 15                        Drs. Clifford & Barbara Wilson                         “Early Genesis in Light of Modern Research”

October 16                        Drs. Clifford & Barbara Wilson                         “The Outer Space Connection”

November 19                        Rod LeVake                         “Teaching the Curriculum of Truth”


TCCSA continues it’s strong support for the availability of creation science education to the home schooling community.  The teaching of Russ McGlenn and John Nuckols is deeply appreciated.  Russ, for example, provides science courses for numerous home school co-ops; promotes the annual February Science Fair (enthusiastically managed by Julie VonVett and aided by director judges Gary Elsesser and Dave Johnson)) at Har Mar Mall in Roseville, conducts advanced dinosaur digs in South Dakota each summer and speaks before groups all across the nation.


The TCCSA Board of Directors

Gary Elsesser                        Bob Helfinstine, Past President                        Ross Olson                             

Lyndon Griffin, President                        Dave Johnson                        Bill Overn        

Linda Gunderson                        Russ McGlenn                        Byron Twiss, Treasurer

Al Heitkamp, Secretary                        Steve Macks




TCCSA                        Beginning Balance                                                            $3125.19

                        Income                        Membership dues                        $1260.00        

                                                General donations                        $4305.42        

                                                Book Sales                        $2539.62

                                                Conf. Proceedings                        $30.00                                    

                                                                      Interest                                   $7.12                                   $8142.16


                        Expenses                        Mail & Printing                        $1239.50

                                                Speakers                        $2559.86

                                                Books                        $2793.17        

                                                Video                        $404.00

                                                Telephone                        $243.78

                                                Promotional Materials                        $213.84

                                                Misc.                        $15.10

                                                                      Fees                                   $10.70                                   $7479.95

                                   Ending Balance                                                          $3787.40


Adventure Safaris

McGlenn support                                   Beginning Balance                                           $570.00

                        Income                                     $13,185.00

                        Disbursements                          $13,755.00

                                   Ending Balance                                                                             $0.00

Science Fair                        Beginning Balance                                                            $276.51

                        Income                                     $551.00

                        Expenses & Disbursements                        $774.51

                                   Ending Balance                                                                             $53.00