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May 2003

Vol. 29,  No. 5

Text Box: The Two Best Kept Secret Weaknesses of Evolutionism
7:30, Tuesday, May 20, 2003, Totino Fine Arts Center, Northwestern College

Imagine you are a soldier in WW2. A spy comes to you and says he knows the two most important weaknesses of the enemy. With this knowledge, you can destroy his hold over millions of people. Wouldn't you want to know what these weaknesses are?
A renowned evolutionist, attempting to prove that birds descended from dinosaurs, discovered the Number 1 weakness and was bared from further research in the museum. 
A young woman training to be a doctor discovered the Number 2 weakness while a sophomore in college. She was not a Christian but decided, based upon this discovery, that evolutionism was false science. She later became a Christian and creationist. 
This is "Need to Know" information. If you have not discovered the answer yet, Russ McGlenn, who has been behind enemy lines, will reveal these two secrets. This presentation is appropriate for elementary ages through adult. Our meetings are free and open to the public. For updates, check or call 612-330-3881.
Dave Johnson, Editor            david.johnson{at}
Russ McGlenn, Adventure Safaris  russmcglenn{at}
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Text Box: Proposed change to TCCSA By-Laws
A recommendation by the TCCSA Board of Directors to be voted on by members at the May 20 meeting. Article 1, Paragraph 3
3. Additional Board members may be elected appointed, or vacancies filled, at any regular board meeting. 
Italicized words are to be deleted and underlined words are to be added. 
Text Box: Thank You Lyn
It is with sadness, but also with thankfulness, we announce that Lyndon Griffin has asked to be relieved of his duties as president of TCCSA. Under his leadership, we on the board have learned much and you who attend have also. At our March meeting, he taught us how to sing in Hebrew. His ability to express thoughts in an easy to understand style, and his wit and knowledge will be greatly missed.
Text Box: Coming up. . .
June  17 - Dr Glen Collins - Common Sense Science              Model of Atomic Structure 
June 18 - Dr Collins - A more technical meeting
July 15 - Video - 
Check for other activities in our area.
Text Box: We are Looking for Memories
Do you remember things about TCCSA from years gone by? Our thirty-year celebration is coming up on September 16 and we want you there. Also if you submit a paragraph or two we hope to use them in the program or have them on display. We are also looking for old newsletters and documents.
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