Text Box: CERC Open House

The Christian Educational Resource Center, called CERC has now moved back to its permanent location at Grace Church Roseville.  To celebrate this exciting event CERC will be holding an open house for TCCSA on Tuesday May 20th before the monthly meeting.  CERC will be open from 5:00  7:15 p.m. so 

you will have time to go the short distance from Grace Church to Northwestern.

Grace Church is located at the intersection of County Rd. B2 and Hamline, just North of Hwy 36.  To get to CERC you enter door number 2, which is on the Southeast side of the building under the reddish-brown awning.

Coffee and goodies will be served in the Grace Coffee shop, which is right outside of the CERC library room.  So come for the goodies and then browse through the almost 10,000 books, videos, and audio tapes which are from a Biblically based worldview.

CERC has an extensive Creation Science section because CERC actually started out as the TCCSA Creation Lending Library about 13 years ago.  In fact it was in this very newsletter that the announcement of the creation of the library was made and the call went out for the donation of Creation Science materials.  From that announcement, one indivigual donated over 80 Creation Science videos and enough money came in to buy the entire set (at that time) of Moody Science videos.  Since that time the number of Creation Science resources has grown to 599 different resources in areas such as The Age of the Earth, Archeology, Astronomy, Geology, Paleontology, Noahs Flood and Dinosaurs.

Even though we do have all these resources, there are even more we wish we had, including the latest 14 Moody Science videos.  So we are always open to donations of resources or money to buy the resources.

We want these resources to be regularly available to people who are going to the TCCSA meeting.  So we are looking for 2 or 3 people who would be available to take turns being the volunteer librarian for CERC from 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. on the days of the TCCSA meetings.  If we can find these volunteers then the CERC library could be open before every TCCSA meeting.  If you are interested please contact, Jeannene Forshee at (651) 634-0450 or at jcforshee{at}usfamily.net.

The resources can be used at CERC by anyone at no cost but to check out the resources you must be registered either in the Pay-As-You-Go Program where you pay a$5 a year registration fee and then $1 for each resource you check out.  Or sign up for a Family Membership of $30 a year (Single Memberships of $15 a year for people not married and without children) which entitles you to check out up to 15 resources at a time with an unlimited number of resources during the year.

Books can be checked out for 3 weeks but videos can only be checked out for 1 week.  For those people who are not from the Roseville area and only come this way once a month for the TCCSA meeting they would need to not check out the videos or plan to mail them back for the 1 week deadline.  For those who choose to mail videos back there will be pre-stamped, pre-labeled Video mailers available at CERC for the cost of postage on the mailer.
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