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July 15 - Video - Unlocking the Mystery of Life
August -  No meeting or newsletter. - Make it a priority to spend time with your family this summer. You will be glad you did.
September 16 - 30th Anniversary celebration
Check for other activities in our area.

We are Looking for Memories

Do you remember things about TCCSA from years gone by? Our thirty-year celebration is coming up on September 16 and we want you there. Also if you submit a paragraph or two we hope to use them in the program or have them on display. We are also looking for old newsletters and documents.


Al Heitkamp, Interim President                alrolene{at}
Dave Johnson, Editor                david.johnson{at}
Russ McGlenn,
Adventure Safaris       russmcglenn{at}
John Nuckols, Adventure Safaris            jpnuckols{at}
Ross Olson, Webmaster                        ross{at}
Byron Twiss,
Treasurer                       byrontwiss{at}

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