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TCCSA may not necessarily endorse all material presented at meetings announced on this page, but feels that they would be of interest to creationists.

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September 20, 2016, 7:30 pm
Russ McGlenn,
"The Drake Equation"

Drake Equation

The Drake Equation

Is there a mathematical equation that proves that there REALLY is Life In the Galaxy? In September 1959, physicists Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison published an article in the journal Nature with the provocative title "Searching for Interstellar Communications." Cocconi and Morrison argued that radio telescopes had become sensitive enough to pick up transmissions that might be broadcast into space by civilizations orbiting other stars.

Soon thereafter, Radio astronomer Frank Drake hosted a "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" meeting on detecting their radio signals. The meeting was held in 1961. The equation that bears Drake's name arose out of his preparations for the meeting.

"As I planned the meeting, I realized a few day[s] ahead of time we needed an agenda. And so I wrote down all the things you needed to know to predict how hard it's going to be to detect extraterrestrial life. And looking at them it became pretty evident that if you multiplied all these together, you got a number, N, which is the number of detectable civilizations in our galaxy." -Frank Drake.

The Drake Equation - Last year a National Geographic (2015) article alluded to the Drake Equation as a scientific formula that proves we will find life in the Galaxy. Your ears should prick up at that because normally in the search for aliens as well as other evolutionary stories, there are never any math formulas to prove or falsify any of their statements.

In 2010 the BBC did a documentary about the Drake Equation with Drake who was still alive at that time. Again the conclusion was that it "proved" we would find life in outer space. At the TCCSA meeting we will examine the equation. We will use numbers that Drake used in 1961 and then use numbers from 2016 to see if indeed it does "prove" we will find life. The formula is very understandable and is simply the muliplying together of seven numbers to get N which is the number of civilizations that there should be in our galaxy.

Russ makes it understandable for all ages. Some may think this will be a bunch of advanced mathematical equations and will stay home. If you can add, subtract and multiply you will do fine!

University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

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MONDAY October 17, 2016, 7:30 pm
Dr. Glen Collins

"Artificial Intelligence... and Real Ignorance"
University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

Will AI "take over the world" and displace humans on an increasing basis? This presentation will briefly review the current state of AI implementations and developments, noting what can, and still cannot, be done using AI, with some perspectives on what the future may hold.
For a Bio of Dr. Collins, click HERE.


October 18, 2016, 7:30 pm
Dr. Glen Collins

"Subatomic Structure... and What's the Matter?"
University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

As with atomic-level solids, liquids and gases, the subatomic realm is also structured, much more so than has been believed for the last 100 years. This presentation will describe the structures and shapes at the electron and proton level using the models developed by Common Sense Scientists Lucas and Bergman.
For a Bio of Dr. Collins, click HERE.


November 15, 2016, 7:30 pm
Dr. Charles Jackson
of Creation Truth Foundation

"DNA - The Language of Life"

This presentation will review the current status of Human Genetics, how science has refuted the ideas of "Junk DNA", and the "99% similarity" between human and ape DNA. The ramifications of our complex genetic make-up are profound.

Common Sense Science
Theory of Everything?
Charles W. (Bill) Lucas

"The Universal Force: Derived From a More Perfect Union of Axiomatic and Empirical Scientific Methods"

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