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November 28, 2007
National Geographic (ngsforum@nationalgeographic.com)
Albatross, December 2007

You get so close to the truth and still miss it. The incredible abilities of the albatross are dependent not only its exquisite physical attributes but on the precise programming of its brain. Neither of these can be produced by natural selection acting on random variations. If Darwin were alive today, he would admit that he was wrong, yet you do not have the moral courage to retract your own bold proclamations of evolution's truth. I challenge your entire staff to read J.C. Sanford's book, "Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome." The human genome is deteriorating at an alarming rate and we are headed for extinction. In fact, our origin had to be a perfect creation, significantly less than 1000 generations ago. Of course, you could never even consider this possibility because of your philosophic precondition for truth -- the supernatural is not allowed. Surprise surprise! God exists whether you acknowledge Him or not.

Ross S. Olson MD