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January 02, 2007
To: Editor Star Tribune (opinion{at}startribune.com)
Subject: Evolution Indoctrination

Two letter writers (Star Tribune 1/2/07) illustrate the desperate need for an end to evolutionary indoctrination in our schools. One writer sincerely believes that: "The natural order is for simple things to give rise to more complex things." That would be logical if evolution were a fact, but experimental evidence shows exactly the opposite. Another writer implies that creationists do not believe in bacterial antibiotic resistance. I am a doctor and a creationist and believe in antibiotic resistance. But I also know, as those whose education is censored do not, that resistance is due to loss of structures or functions attacked by the antibiotic and overall makes the bacteria less fit. It is NOT the addition of new complex information, which is what evolution needs to change bacteria into bacteriologists.

Ross Olson MD