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To: chewitt{at}pioneerpress.com

March 22, 2008

Subject: Expelled

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

I read your editorial called "Thanks for being in our film--Now leave" about the movie "Expelled" Saturday March 22 with interest. I believe your biases were showing. I am a 35 year veteran of teaching science in the public school and I am a creationist. First, P.Z. Myers is a a very hateful, arrogant, and intolerant man and for him to complain about being kicked out on purpose is questionable and ironic. Maybe you should have been even handed and quoted what Dr. Myers, on the public payroll too, has said. "Our only problem is that we aren't martial enough, or vigorous enough, or loud enough, or angry enough." He wrote (about scientific design proponents), "The only appropriate responses should involve some form of righteous fury, much butt-kicking, and the public firing and humiliation of some teachers...." If you want to use an example of hate speech, this is it. Do you support this "witch hunt" in the public schools too? When I have ever written to him, he has ignored me. If this was a purposeful slight, Dawkins, the most famous evolutionist and anti-God proponent would have been "expelled" too. Maybe Dr. Myers should go after Isaac Newton and Louis Pasteur and have their names removed from science texts as Dr. Myers supports book burning in school libraries. Newton said, "The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being." Pasteur said, "The more I study nature, the more I am amazed at the Creator."

Bryan Olson
Osseo Schools

To: chewitt{at}pioneerpress.com
Subject: Expelled

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

I would like to make a couple more points about your editorial on Saturday.

Did you know that Myers and Dawkins were both paid to be in the movie? If PZ is outraged he can return the money as a protest. ( I doubt it)

Did you know that Myers was not on the invite list and he tried to just go? You can judge whether he should have been or not, but the people that made the film have the right to determine who can go to a screening. He can go anytime he wants after it opens.

It is not the moral equivalent that you make it out to be to to be "banned" from a movie screening you are not invited to and losing your job because you are not political correct or having your degree put into question because Dr.PZ Myers doesn't like your views at Morris.

Dawkins has used the argument before that he was "deceived" by movie makers. Years ago he was asked a question on how an evolved creature could invent new more complex information to evolve and to give an example. That long pause in that movie is classic. He is still using that argument. He must be very naive to be fooled by those dreaded intelligent designers twice.

His protests has unwittingly given some nice publicity through your column even though it was not fair and balanced.

Being a liberal and a newspaper man, it should trouble you that Dr. M and his crew would like to censor school libraries of Intelligent Design books. Does it?

Bryan Olson- Science teacher and two degrees from the U of MN. (Lucky for me Dr. Myers can't revoke my degrees)