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From: Ross Olson [ross{at}rossolson.org]
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010
To: Answers Magazine (feedback{at}answersmagazine.com)
Subject: Humility

One of your authors, in my humble opinion, could use a little more humility.

In response to a reader's question about what holds atoms together, Jason
Lisle wrote about the strong force proposed by quantum theory, only making
passing mention that a small minority of physicists disagree. I have
interacted with Dr. Lisle and pointed out that Charles Lucas and David Bergman
of Common Sense Science (www.commonsensescience.org ) account for all the
nuclear forces as electromagnetic by understanding elementary particles as
rotating rings of charge. Like so many Christian physicists trained in modern
physics, he is not willing to look at the views of that "small minority." The
readers may do so, however, even though they may never see articles by Lucas
or Bergman in these magazines.

Ross S. Olson MD