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From: Ross Olson
Sent: December 27, 2007
To: Answers Magazine (feedback{at}answersmagazine.com)
Subject: Modern Physics

Dear Friends at Answers in Genesis,

The 16th Century church got into trouble with science by tying itself to Aristotelian physics. The modern creation movement will do the same thing if it continues to accept relativity and quantum theory, especially when a superior alternative is available. The January - March 2008 Astronomy issue of "Answers" makes a brave attempt to harmonize modern physics with the Bible, sounding much like what theistic evolutionists do for their favorite hypothesis. It is fully understandable that a creationist trained in physics will be socialized into the ruling paradigm and it takes extraordinary courage to go back and rethink issues long ago thought settled. Yet the "proofs" of modern physics are even better explained by other mechanisms and the usefulness of the theory is due to an inordinate amount of tweaking and fudging. Even so, there are logical inconsistencies. How can it be said that gravity requires a distortion of space to act at a distance when it is clear that magnetism generates and interacts by means of fields?

In order to be fair, you need to devote equal space to Common Sense Science (www.commonsensescience.org). Let Charles Lucas, David Bergman and Glen Collins elaborate on how a new model of the elementary particles has allowed prediction of the periodic table, spectral emissions (including some previously undetected) and radioactive decay rates. Spinning rings of charge made up of three fibers, generate magnetic fields which allow stable configurations within the atom, all governed by the electromagnetic force. The electron is a particle that emits waves and the quanta are due to the fact that it absorbs and emits energy by alteration of the number of harmonic oscillations of the ring -- which have to be whole numbers to be stable. Mass is not "stuff" but is resistance to movement against a self field, which is related to how tightly the particles are packed. This accounts for the loss of mass without loss of particles in both nuclear and chemical reactions that produce energy. Length contraction and time dilation are due to physical distortion of the particles and timekeepers. There is much much more, including a theory of gravity as an electromagnetic effect. Please give it a hearing.

Ross S. Olson MD