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To the Editor,

Regarding: "The Real Adam" June 2006

John McIntyre's illustrious background in physics has probably conditioned him to believe that novel -- or at least highly interesting -- concepts win Nobel Prizes. However, in theology, ideas that have not been accepted by the church through the ages are more than likely to be dangerously wrong.

He proposes that Adam needed to sin to change from "an 'it' within the creation" to "an 'I' outside creation" who had "taken on the character of the Creator." The idea is not new, of course. It was articulated by Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago, and at the dawn of human history, by another deceiver.

This all follows, of course, from the premise that evolution and standard dating are indisputable facts. Adam then becomes a hominid, with perhaps only a dim awareness of God, chosen from among his animalistic peers to receive the breath of life. Ignored are the Biblical record of long life and rapid invention of technology and the scientific crumbling of the evolutionary facade.

It is a shame that so much brain power is wasted, essentially arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, by tying theology to a contemporary paradigm, as the scholastics did in assuming Aristotle to be infallible.

Ross S. Olson MD