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To Ira Flatow, National Public Radio, Science Friday

I heard the tail end of Ken Miller on evolution. I do not know if you gave any time to the other side. I was an evolutionist until about 10 years out of medical school when I really looked at the data. Information does not spontaneously arise from chaos and the case for evolution includes a lot of circular reasoning.

Have you seen Ben Stein's "Expelled"? If it is not still in theaters, get the DVD. As a pediatrician, my career was not threatened by leaving the mainstream but in pure academia it is suicide to embrace intelligent design. And it may be suicide for a science editor, too. One way to approach it is to try to get J.C. Sanford of Cornell who wrote "Genetic Entropy and the mystery of the genome." He shows that there is not progress but steady deterioration at an alarming rate and that the human genome is headed for extinction. It raises all sorts of interesting questions, none of which are answered by evolution.

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