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ARTIFAX is quarterly magazine published jointly by the Institute for Biblical Archaeology, the Near East Archaeological Society, the International Society for Archaeology and the Bible, and Scribe Media.

Artifax covers news in Biblical Archaeology and Ancient History from an Evangelical Christian perspective. The editor of Artifax is Gordon Govier, who is the host of the radio program The Book and the Spade.

Dr. Clyde Billington of the Institute for Biblical Archaeology is the managing editor. Artifax provides digest reviews of articles on the archaeology of the ancient Near East, which appear in newspapers, books, magazines, and learned journals.

In addition, Artifax prints interviews with internationally known archaeologists who are currently excavating in the Near East and also prints excavation reports from members of the Near East Archaeological Society.

Articles written by scholars on a variety of topics related to Biblical Archaeology appear in each issue.

For a subscription to Artifax send $15 for one year or $35 for three years [$20 and $45 in Canada, and all other foreign countries] to:

2175 Bicentennial Court
New Brighton, MN 55112


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