Info sent by ICR, from an old Acts & Facts article about 3 debates, one of which involved Dr. Max:

"Max was the more serious of the three. He said that he wanted to detach the religious faith of those in the audience from the ICR approach. He repeatedly accused ICR scientists of pseudoscience. He described the neo-Darwinian mechanism of evolution, which he accepts. He maintained that the hierachical pattern of living organisms and the geological record both support evolution. He claimed that after infection, there is an increase in the binding power of antibodies, due to mutations, which increases the production of the antibodies. He asserted that this notion is rather widely accepted today. Gish challenged what he termed an absurdity; the idea that mutations, which are relatively rare and almost all of which are bad (which Max admitted), could in just a few days enhance the production of antibodies and thus enable a person to survive a serious infectious disease. Gish asserted that the patient would die long before this could possibly occur."

"In his arguments, Gish, as usual, presented [in these three debates] the scientific evidence for creation from thermodynamics, probability calculations, and the fossil record. Not one of his evolutionary opponents attempted to reply to his major arguments based on the fossil record; that is, the abrupt appearance, fully formed, without a trace of an ancestor or transitional forms, of every one of the complex invertebrates, and every one of the major kinds of fishes. Gish asserted that this evidence alone is sufficient to destroy the notion of evolution."

Additional notes from Dr. Gish:

"The four debates between Gish and Max have been cordial, although Max is rather condescending. His main arguments will be based on homology, embryology and immunology. He is totally committed to neo-Darwinism. He is a very good speaker and sticks to the subject fairly well."