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Reviews Of Grand Canyon: A Different View

The Book That Caused A National Controversy

"Separation of church and state!" they cried. "Keep religion out of science," they demanded. In 2004, liberal newspaper editors and evolutionary scientists across the nation dragged Grand Canyon National Park into a raging controversy over this beautiful, fully-illustrated volume—compiled by long-time Grand Canyon guide Tom Vail, and carried in the National Park bookstores. The problem? Tom Vail had committed the one unpardonable sin to the prophets of modern evolution—he honored the God of the Bible in a book sold on public grounds. Even more, Grand Canyon: A Different View presented in layman's terms an uncompromising biblical perspective on the formation and geology of the most famous canyon in the world. Mr. Vail offers a simple explanation of the Canyon's formation: God's world-convulsing judgment at the time of the Global Flood. The book had such an impact that the presidents of seven leading scientific societies issued a joint letter to the National Park Superintendent calling for its ousting from the bookstore, claiming it to be "at odds with the well-documented scientific understanding of Earth history." Yet the book remained for sale at Grand Canyon National Park.

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Tom Vail is a man's man. He is tough. His tanned skin and full beard make him look like a mountain man. And that he is! But Tom hasn't always worn sandals and a golden tan. And he hasn't always wandered in the wilderness like John the Baptist ...

In 1980, Tom was managing a corporate computer center for a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles. But his corporate life took a drastic turn when he took a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. He was hooked. Tom soon exchanged his suit and tie for shorts, sandals and a waterproof hat! He began working as a "river rat"—an affectionate term used for river guides.

It took another fifteen years before Tom would exchange his beliefs in evolution for a belief in the God of creation. Although he taught the evolutionary model about how the Grand Canyon was formed over billions of years, he said "it never really made complete sense." But Tom was far from God . . . until God revealed Himself to Tom during a trip to Pakistan.

In 1994 Tom made a decision to follow Christ. He said the decision "impacted not only my heart, but my head as well."

When Tom began studying the creation model it made a lot more sense to him. "I came to believe that it takes more {at}faith' to believe in evolution than in creation," he said.

Last year Tom compiled a book, Grand Canyon: A Different View. It includes more than 100 photos of the canyon and brief articles from scores of Bible-believing creationists. The trouble started when Tom's book showed up in the Grand Canyon bookstore . . .

Evolutionists who saw Tom's book in the tourist bookstore went berserk. As I write this letter, they are doing exactly what they did in Georgia. They are trying to intimidate the National Park Service into removing Tom's book from the shelves!

Creations Moments spoke with Tom who asked, "What are they afraid of?" He explained that there is more agreement among Christian scientists about how the canyon was formed than there is among evolutionary scientists! "Evolution is as much a religion as Christianity," Tom said.

When Christians try to get homosexual books or filth banned from public libraries, the American Library Association cries "CENSORSHIP!" But now it is the evolutionary elite who are trying to silence and censor creationists! Tom says, "Seventeen of the contributors to my book are scientists with doctoral degrees from places like Harvard University."

Tom Vail needs your help. He needs my help. Will you send a letter or email to the National Park Service in Washington D.C.? I have provided the contact information you need below.* You CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We need to let them know this is censorship—plain and simple! Be kind but be firm.

Tom and his wife Paula started Canyon Ministries and now run Christ-centered river trips through the Grand Canyon. What better way to spend a few days or a week than with Tom exploring the grandeur of the Canyon? I urge you to check out his website for more information. www.canyonministries.com

* PLEASE write to the National Park Service director Frances Mainella and ask her not to censor Tom's book in the Canyon bookstores. You can reach her at Fran_Mainella{at}nps.gov. Or, you can send a fax at 202-208-7889 or call 202-208-4621. Be sure to include your name and address.

Grand Canyon: A Different View has exquisite photography of the river, the cliffs, the wildlife, the plants and the waterfalls. Along side the beautiful photos are small essays written by leading Creationists including, Steve Austin, Werner Gitt, Russ Humphreys, Henry Morris, Michael Oard, Gary Parker, Ken Ham, John Whitcomb, and Kurt Wise to name a few. A must for your coffee table and a beautiful gift. Hardcover, 104 pages.

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