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Flood Film Project

by Bryce Gaudian, Director of SMAC

I received a fascinating call New Year's Eve from Jim Brenneman of Warsaw, Indiana. He had been given my name by Dr. Donald DeYoung. We visited for over an hour on the phone. He is a brother in the Lord, and a young earth creationist with a passion to produce a world-class quality action drama film on Noah's Flood that is both Biblically and scientifically sound, reflecting the universal flooding (Genesis 6-9) of a young earth in accord with Exodus 20:11. Jim's desire is to bring together Bible-believing Christians from around the world, all united by the desire to expound and defend the truth of the universal flood and to oppose outdated evolutionary theories of geology and biology.

I would like to be an advocate for this God-honoring project and ask you to prayerfully consider coming onboard (no pun intended)! I'm exceedingly impressed by Jim Brenneman, and I believe he has the energy and wherewithal (with God's continual ever-present aid) to bring this project to completion. His background in marketing, creativity and quality work sounds exemplary.

Can a project of this magnitude ever become a reality?? I believe it can. Can creationist organizations and individuals come together as a united team to help in a project of this immensity?? I believe they can.

A poor quality film would be injurious to the Creationist cause, therefore, the production will be of premier quality and professionalism. The general direction of the film will be to portray in an action drama film the geological aspects of the flood, creationist paleontology, sound Ark logistics, and other matters of science. This film will be an ideal vehicle for explaining Creation Science and Catastrophism to children, as well as to many misinformed adults. There is in the subject of the Flood a great opportunity for stunning special effects. These cinematic artists' conceptions will also serve to teach against evolutionary uniformitarianism and in its place present the Bible's message of Creation and Catastrophe. There will flow throughout, moral and evangelistic messages.

I am asking you to please check out the Flood Film Project web-site and if you are so lead, to make contact with Jim Brenneman and join the team in some capacity. Here is the information:
Password for the Forum is: gen6-9

Jim Brenneman, 2706 West Old Road 30, Warsaw, IN 46580

Phone: 219-268-1558, E-mail: james{at}

Thank you for your time. Lord willing, may this world-class motion picture on Noah's flood demonstrating God's justice, mercy and working of His plan of salvation come about.

To God be the glory.

In our Creator and Redeemer's service,

Bryce Gaudian
Director, Southern Minnesota Association for Creation, Inc.

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