A special REPORT ON the: First-Ever-International-Creationist-How-To-Build-Your-Own-Fossil-Museum-Seminar
Mt. Blanco

A special REPORT ON the:


Held April 24-25, 2001 on site at the

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, Crosbyton, Texas

by Bryce Gaudian

Ensign, Hedges, Taylor
       Don Ensign        Andy Hedges        Joe D. Taylor
Associate Director         Fossil Caster         Owner/Curator

Almost 40 people from every part of the United States converged on Crosbyton, Texas (located 32 miles east of Lubbock) for a memorable and inspiring two days of learning how they can use fossils and dinosaurs to engage the public to consider creation vs. evolution. A FAX was also received from England on the first day of the event praying for God's blessing on the meeting, and a South African creationist sent his regrets he was unable to attend.

Joe Taylor and his staff provided unparalleled hospitality, including real West Texas BBQ, Cowboy Poetry entertainment, and a field trip to the Blancan locality. The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is a 15,000 sq. ft. creation museum that is a special, privately run, educational facility that presents instruction into the amazing diversity of past life on the earth. The museum, full of Taylor's large collection from many states and foreign countries, dares to ask hard questions and presents facts that go against the prevailing views about the early earth and the question of origins.


Gregg Thompson of Sanford, Florida doing a presentation on identifying skulls. Gregg is the author of 'Talking Heads: Notes on the interpretation of the Skulls of Terrestrial Animals." Available through Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

The purpose of the conference was to inspire Christians to think big and contend for the truth by starting their own stationary, portable, or traveling creation museum to challenge people to stop and think. A fitting quote by the inventor of the MRI machine, Dr. Raymond Damadian, is: "Unless you have your eye on the Almighty, there's nothing directing you and encouraging you to take the daring steps to think big." Well, Joe Taylor tried to help those present think big and get out of the stands and onto the playing field and do something of eternal significance in our present generation concerning the foundational truth of special creation.

Here are some testimonials from participants:


Mike Schultz of Milton Florida, Director of Proving The Bible Ministries

"Let me tell you guys something straight. I had the best time at your creation meeting! I do not exaggerate, nor need to when it comes to such worthwhile events. After years of preaching and teaching to tens of thousands of others evidence after evidence, it was so refreshing to be on the receiving end of such cutting edge information. I have made friends and relationships that are eternal-based. Also, the hands on experience gained at the dig site, and just working around the museum was priceless. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the folks at Mt Blanco Fossil Museum for going to such extremes to share your vision, and to help rally the creation movement and provide us with such incredible hands on material. I was strengthened in many areas by the seminar. You have a friend in me."
Mike Schultz, Proving The Bible Ministries, Milton, Florida

Bob Garbe of Winchester Canal, Ohio Presenter on Radiocarbon Dating and A World By Design Member of Creation Research Society Education Foundation

"I enjoyed the seminar, the lectures, and especially the material on carbon dating. I appreciated meeting the various people from across the country and will use some of their ideas for our own museum (The Dalles Dinosaur and Ice Age Museum). It sure will be nice having some of those awesome dinosaur displays to promote the truth of God's Word!"
Pastor Mark Schoen, of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin
"I thought the seminar was well worth my time. It made me realize my dreams of having a creation science museum are within reach. There was a lot of good information on how to get a museum started. I plan on taking a lot of the ideas given to us there and applying them to our own museum. If you are thinking about getting started with something in creation science and spreading the truth about how our world was created, then I would recommend this seminar."
Jeff Larcom, of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Justin Cottrell of Nobel Oklahoma Exhibited T-Rex "Stan", Tylosaur, Pachycephalosaurus, Xiphactinus, Pteronodon-sternbergi, Alberosaurus-liberatus, Triceratops, Member of Creation Truth Foundation

"I found the conference to be very helpful in gaining ideas for our new museum in New Mexico. I came away with a lot of new ideas and motivation to get things rolling here. I also came away with renewed enthusiasm to share the truth with everyone I meet. The folks at Mt. Blanco were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The speakers were excellent and inspiring. It is exciting to see the momentum that creation science is gaining as evolution's wheels are rapidly falling off! This seminar was truly a blessing for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seriously considering starting a creation museum or ministry."
John Heckendorn, of Edgewood, New Mexico
Member of Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico
"The seminar was great! It was encouraging to meet scientists from so many fields swapping data and offering lab and field services. The networking that I was able to do in two days would have normally taken a year. Can't wait for the next one."
Gregg Thompson, of Sanford, Florida; Director of HomeLab


"Two words that come to mind regarding the effect of the seminar on me are 'exhortation' and 'inspiration'. Starting with Joe's lecture where he encouraged people to get involved on whatever level possible - to the museum tour and interacting with the other seminar attendees, I was struck by the fact that God was obviously providing us with very real and immediate opportunities to serve Him. I'm reminded of the saying, 'Be careful what you pray for - you might just get it.' Well, I have been 'dreaming' of having a traveling museum for many years now and all of a sudden I 'see' that it's actually possible. I pray the Lord will give to me a clear vision and the desire and determination to follow after it." Brand Adams, of Whittier, California
Member of Orange County Creation Science Association
"We were blessed by the experience of so many like minded companions. It is such a wonderful feeling to know those proving God have crossed not only cultural lines, but are standing for the Truth that the kingdom of God be further broadened to each one we come in contact with. We urge all of the Body of Christ to support, encourage, and pray for all your efforts, and know that we of the Mayan Order will strive daily to share the knowledge we received at the seminar with others. God Bless you."
Greg "Pahaway" Redden, of Roby, Texas

Bea Dunkel of Greenville, Texas, prepping out a dinosaur bone

"Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum presented an educational hands-on seminar. It included up-to-date information and research being utilized by creation scientists represented from around the nation. Joe Taylor has a passion for others to open their own fossil museums abroad emphasizing special creation, design, and demonstrating the fossil record as evidenced by Noah's flood. His work in paleontology is paving the way through evolutionary dogma and is helping people understand what creation reveals - a personal God who created the universe."
Aaron Judkins, Omniologist, of Glen Rose, Texas
"Joe Taylor and his friendly, helpful staff at Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum presented a practical, easy-to-understand course on how to build a fossil museum of any size, from a coffee-table display to a traveling exhibit, to a large public museum. Moreover, these marvelous mentors offered all the personalized help that could possibly be needed to get started. It was good to connect with people with whom we can network on the various research projects we're involved with too. I highly recommend the services of the Mt. Blanco director and personnel."
MaryAnn Stuart, of Whitewater, Kansas
Taylor and Holroyd

Joe Taylor with Dr. Edmond W. Holroyd, III Dr. Holroyd authored a chapter in the book: "In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation"

"...the value for me was in personal contacts. I met again some of those, including Joe Taylor, who have been at the Hanson Ranch (eastern Wyoming), a site of abundant dinosaur bones. I also met with Bob Garbe's team that is performing carbon-14 analyses, and I discussed with them my subsequent weekend trip to the Hanson Ranch, Newcastle, and Gillette area for more carbon samples..."
Dr. Ed Holroyd, of Arvada, Colorado, Member of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship and collector of genuine coins from the Bible period (see www.ccu.edu/biblicalcoins)
April 2001 Participants

Jeff Larcom, St. Croix Falls, WI; Bob & Gerry Garbe, Canal Winchester, OH; Hugh Miller, Columbus, OH; Rev. Mark Schoen, St. Croix Falls, WI; Bea & Denny Dunkel, Greenville, TX; Brand Adams, Whittier, CA; Gregg Thompson, Sanford, FL; Bryce Gaudian, Hayward, MN; Carolyn & Tom Walden, Abilene, TX; MaryAnn Stuart, Whitewater, KS; Aaron Judkins, Rainbow, TX; Bill Seaman, Pensacola, FL; Rev. Paul Veit, Haverhill, MA; Rick Veit, Briarcliff Manor, NY; Dr. Ed Holroyd, Arvada, CO; Bob Terry, Roby, TX; Gregory Redden, Roby, TX; Don & Bennetta Yaeger, Coweta, OK; John Gusti, Pensacola, FL; Patricia Flach, Roby, TX; Mike Schultz, Milton, FL; Justin Cottrell, Noble, OK; Mark Gordon, Hermleigh, TX; John Heckendorn, Edgewood, NM; John Allen Watson, Austin, TX (author of "Fossil Man, Dinosaurs & Giant Mammals Together? Phosphate Rocks/Bone Phosphates of South Carolina: An Analysis of Their Occurrence, Origin, Importance and Instruction for the Creation/Evolution Controversy" - published by and available through Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum); and the following folks from Crosbyton, TX: Joel & Cindy Peck; Chuck & Betty Ruth Sanders; Mary Alice, Stacey, and Justin Latimer; Don Ensign; Andy Hedges; and Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor plans future conferences at his Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. Please consider participating!

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, P.O. Box 550, Crosbyton, TX 79322 U.S.A.
Phone: (806) 675-7777 Toll-Free: (800) 367-7454
Web-site: www.mtblanco.com
E-mail: mtblanco1{at}aol.com

Note: The REVISED, Second Edition of Joe Taylor's fascinating book, FOSSIL FACTS AND FANTASIES is now available. To quote Joe, "No amount of effort was spared in this second edition printing." There is simply nothing like it in the secular or creation press. Call for your copy today!


Thank you,

Bryce Gaudian
21992 810th Avenue
Hayward MN 56043
phone 507-256-7211

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