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Where to Find Resources
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Based on a list compiled by Linda Gunderson
    Videos of most past TCCSA meetings are available from Lehrke Productions.

    For complete listing and descriptions click HERE or HERE Phone 651-592-1044
    email: linda.lehrke{a}gmail.com

    Or visit their website http://www.mntelevision.com

  • Bookstore of TCCSA

    Some books or videos associated with speakers may be available at meetings and samples can be examined but there will no longer be a large stock of multiple items.

    Books and videos can be ordered from many of the resources listed on our Links Page

    Especially consider:

  • Creation Moments www.creationmoments.com
  • Great Works Catalog: Creation Videos, Books, Music, Artifacts and Art
    Click HERE for the first half of the Catalog. (2.5 MB)
    Click HERE for the second half of the Catalog. (2.5 MB)
    Click HERE for the first page of the order form.
    Click HERE for the second page of the order form.
  • Institute for Creation Research http://www.icr.org
  • Answers in Genesis www.answersingenesis.org
  • Amazon.com Amazon.com

  • Videos of the Southern Minnesota Association for Creation Meetings are available from Bryce Gaudian See the list and order form. Visit SMAC Web page.

  • Christian Resource Center-- Grace Church Roseville
    See CRC for details. It is a lending library for books and videos for those who do not wish to purchase. You may pick up or have the resources mailed.

  • Other Resources are listed on the Links and Other Organizations pages.

  • Linda Gunderson, (763) 559-6616, 12300 - 23rd Avenue North, Plymouth, MN 55441, is also a good resource person for finding materials.

(some titles may be duplicated in different sections)


  • A is for Adam, by Ken & Mally Ham, illustrator Dan Lietha (Youth)
  • Darwin on Trial,
  • by Phillip E. Johnson
  • Origins: Creation or Evolution, by Richard Bliss
  • Darwin's Enigma,
  • , by Luther D. Sunderland
  • Creation's Tiny Mystery
  • , by Dr. Robert V. Gentry
    (Polonium Halos in igneous rocks indicate instantaneous creation of the parent atoms.)
  • Fingerprints of Creation
  • The Young Age of the Earth
  • Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence For Catastrophe
  • Dr. Steve Austin
  • Creation-Evolution Debate(Does the Scientific Evidence Favor Creation or Evolution?)
  • Walt Brown/James Fetzer
  • Evolution: Fact or Belief?
  • Focus on Darwinism: An Interview with Michael J. Denton
  • Focus on Darwinism: An Interview with Phillip E. Johnson
  • Darwinism: Science or Naturalistic Philosophy
  • debate between Phillip E. Johnson & William B. Provine
  • The Education Debate
  • Australian John Mackay defeats 4 evolutionist university professors
  • Your Answer to Bible Skeptics
  • John Mackay

Suitable For Curriculum Texts

  • Origins: Creation or Evolution
  • , Richard Bliss
  • In The Beginning - Special Edition
  • by Dr. Walter Brown
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
  • , by Dennis R. Peterson
  • Illustrated Origins Answer Book
  • by Paul Taylor (set)
  • It's a Young World After All
  • by Paul S. Ackerman
History: Scientists who believed, or Christian patriots

  • The World of Living Fossils, John Mackay(thoroughly enjoyable, very successful in classrooms)
Teacher's Resource

  • The Search for the Origin of Life
  • by Australian John Mackay outstanding videos & texts, being used in public schools (Creation Research, 615-374-3693, call for brochure)
Scientific Fiction
(Creation Science in a Fictional Setting)

  • D is For Dinosaur
  • by Ken & Mally Ham
    ( Includes rhymes, coloring, teacher's guide ) -- ages 4 - 10
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  • by John Morris and Ken Ham -- ages 4-12

Noah's Ark

  • In Search of Noah's Ark
  • Don Shockey on Terry Canady's "The Truth (as I see it)" cable program (Fantastic interview!)
  • Ararat-In Search of Noah's Ark
  • Don Shockey - latest evidence from the leading Ark researcher/explorer, Roseville 4/97
  • Noah's Ark & the Middle East
  • Don Shockey - 1992 Twin Cities Int'l Creation Conference, update on Mt. Ararat
  • Crusaders of the Lost Ark
  • Australian Broadcasting Company-Four Corners program (phantom ship site)
  • Visions of Ararat - actual '90 expedition air footage, set to music
  • (available from Visual Arts Enterprises 714-661-1251)
  • The Search For Noah's Ark
  • John D. Morris - docu-lecture, veteran Ararat explorer
  • The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark
  • Sunn Int'l Pictures - 1993, latest research, dramatized - home showing only
  • The Biota & Logistics of Noah's Ark
  • John Woodmorappe - 1994 Int'l Conference on Creation, technical


  • The Great Flood: A Visit with Noah & Sarai
  • Eugene Sattler Creation Education Asc. - grandfather Noah tells the story
  • Adventure on Ararat: In Search of Noah's Ark
  • John Morris - talk by veteran Ark explorer

Flood Videos

  • Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence For Catastrophe
  • Dr. Steve Austin, filmed before, during & after 1980 eruption
  • Evidences: The Record & the Flood
  • Geoscience Research - how layers are formed, etc, Jr Hi-Adult - home showing only
  • Liquifaction
  • Dr. Walter Brown - speech Rochester Creation Society mtg, 9/96, evidence as to how fossils sorted by Flood
  • A Geologist Looks at Noah's Flood
  • John D. Morris - evidence for the flood and an ice age
  • The Deluge
  • John D. Morris - answers troubling questions about the flood, filmed at ICR and in Turkey
  • The Evidence for Noah's Flood
  • Australian John Mackay (available from Creation Research, 615-374-3693)
  • The World of Living Fossils
  • John Mackay - thoroughly enjoyable, very successful in classrooms (number above) 
  • The Grand Canyon Catastrophe
  • Keziah & American Portrait Films - legends, new evidence for global flood
  • Grand Canyon - Monument to the Flood
  • Steve Austin - documentary on the Grand Canyon, answers many questions
  • The Grand Canyon: A Biblical View of Earth's History
  • Andrew Snelling - evidence of rapid sediment deposition
  • In The Beginning
  • Keziah & American Portrait Films - catastrophic plate tectonics and the Genesis Flood
  • Kansas Fossils & Noah's Flood
  • by Wayne Spencer - evidences, taped for "Origins" TV program
  • Radio Carbon, Creation, & the Genesis Flood
  • Creation Science Foundation, Australia, Dr. Russel Humphreys

  • For A List Of Books and Videos Recommended by the British organization, Adam and Eve IT, click
  • HERE.

    Videos of TCCSA Meetings


    For complete listing and descriptions click HERE

    Tapes may be ordered by e-mail from Lehrke Productions: Phone 651-592-1044
    email: linda.lehrke{a}gmail.com Or from their website www.mntelevision.com
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