Adventure Safaris Presents:

The following programs are dynamic and colorful Power Point presentations. Students of all ages as well as parents have been inspired and encouraged in their Christian walk by these programs. Programs are 45 minutes and then there will be twenty minute, hands on work stations after each program.

1. The Moon. 10 Reasons God Created the Moon. Gen. 1:14
Is the Moon an accident of time and chance?
For what important benefits did God create the Moon?
How is God's construction of the Moon similar to His work in your life?
Work Station: Moon capture, Centripetal force, GeoSafari games

2. Constructing Noah's Ark. Gen. 6-9
Why was constructing the Ark thought to be a waste of time and money?
How did constructing the Ark change Noah and his families lives?
How can understanding the construction of the Ark help you in school?
Work Station: Load the Ark, 15 things not on the Ark, Tools to make Tools to make the Ark. GeoSafari Games. Ark model to build.
Featured will be Russ McGlenn's model of Noah's Ark. It is built to a 5/8 inch to the foot scale (GI Joe scale) It represents a 40 foot length cross section cut out of the Ark 75 feet across and 45 feet high. (two feet by four feet wide by two and a half feet high) You and your students will want to see these features on this remarkable model:
* A winch and pulley operated lift system for moving animals and equipment around the Ark.
* A complete apartment for Noah and his family.
* Various sized cages for the birds and animals.
* Over 100 model animals showing the pairs God commanded.
* A unique hull construction so the ship could be built in place without external scaffolding.
* Models of food supplies, containers, processing equipment, storage techniques, and a water system.
* Ventilation, waste disposal, feeding of animals, and everyday life aboard a sea going vessel are shown.
* How would eight people be able to feed, water, and clean the16,000 animals that were on the Ark?
* Did the dinosaurs "miss the boat?"
* Could the Ark carry all the food and water needed for the year they were on the ocean?
* What engineering techniques would Noah have used to build the biggest wooden ship ever made?

3. Eye Witnesses who have seen the Ark.
Who has seen the Ark? What have they described? Why do 360 Nations around the world have oral and written histories of a world wide flood?

4. Life in Outer Space. Gen. 1:14-19
Did God Create UFOs? ETs, and Little Green Men? Why are ETs mentioned in the Bible? Where did they come from? How do some of them lead people away from Jesus?

5. The Top 10 Dinosaurs Living Today. Gen. 1:24 Russ McGlenn is a Creation Science teacher from Twin Cities Creation Science Association. He has been teaching on Creation subjects for 28 years. In this program, through slides, models, and hands on exhibits, Mr. McGlenn shows evidence for many ancient creatures that supposedly died millions of years ago but have been sighted today.

Are there still pterodactyls living in New Guinea? What is the real story about "cavemen?" Why does the Bible say they are cursed? Did they live with dinosaurs or after them? Is there any scientific data that indicates that an Apatosaurus is alive in Africa and that Indians in Minnesota pictured them in their earthen monuments?

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