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Noah's Ark: "Did Dinosaurs Miss the Boat?" Gen. 6-9
DATE: June 23 Fri, and 24 Sat.
TIME: 10AM to 2:30 PM (Same program each day)
LOCATION: 1360 W. McCoy Ln. Santa Maria Suite 11
SPEAKER: Russ McGlenn
COST: Free with a suggested donation of $3 per person. Feel free to give more or less.
CONTACT: My Phone 805 588 3353 Text.
E mail russmcglenn{at} Web
If you can, let us know you are coming but not necessary.
ACTIVITIES: Noah's Dinosaur Dig, Topple a 9 foot model of Goliaths, Floor games and prizes, Door prize, gift store open reduced prices.
BRING: A potluck snack to share. Bring your own picnic for your own lunch.
Russ McGlenn will show an awesome Power Point slide show called Noah's Big Adventure. His " to the foot model of Noah's Ark will be on display. It is the first time in 3 years it will be out of storage. This model is based upon the reports of eye witnesses who have seen the Ark on Mt. Ararat.
Questions dealt with:
* How would eight people be able to feed, water, and clean the 60,000 animals that were on the Ark?
* How was food and water stored?
* Did the dinosaurs "miss the boat?
Russ is part Native American and shares evidence from the Mandan and Delaware Indians (Pocahontas' Nation) who had records of the Great Canoe that saved their people from the Flood.

Tricia passed into her heavenly home November 25, 2016.
Memorials are posted HERE.

DATE: May 5 and 6 (Same program both days)
TIME: 5PM to 9 PM

Adventure Safaris Museum Open House and Skywatch Night
Featuring our 8" Reflector Telescope. Bring yours if you like.

MOON: Will be our featured heavenly guest for viewing.

SPECIAL Power Point Program about "Gospel in the Stars" (7:30 PM) Why God gave names to the constellations.

BOOKLET: 12 page Skywatch book for suggested $5 contribution.

We are in our new building and ready for visitors. Please park on the street as the parking lot is crowded.
This is for anyone to come to, to see how we can benefit your church, school, camp, youth group or Sunday School.

LOCATION: The address is the same as before but we are in the end suite 11 instead of suite 3

ADDRESS: 1360 W. McCoy Ln. Santa Maria Suite 11

EVENTS: Egypt/Hebrew Archeology dig at 5:30

FOOD: We will have paper plates, plastic tableware, coffee, and water.
Please bring potluck snack or finger food and soda/juice drinks.

COST: All is on the house but an offering jar will be available for contributions but no obligation.

GIFT STORE: All items are on sale at suggested contribution of the listed price.

FREE BOOKS: Cutting down my library so there will be a free book table.

CONTACT: My Phone 805 588 3353 Textable E mail

All exhibits will be open:
SPECIAL: GI JOE scale Model of Stonehenge 12 x 12 feet in size and a demonstration of how it works.

Bring flashlights for this model as we will have the parking lot street lights covered.
1 Egyptian/Hebrew History- See the 3x7 foot Jerusalem Diorama. Mystery of Adam's Book Gen.6:1
2 Inventor's Workshop - Highlight is a WWII B17 Flying Fortress Radio, QR Codes for iPhone reader
3 Dinosaur Fossil Room - Biggest flying creature from the fossil record 40 foot wing span.
There will be many games and activities and some with a prize from Black Beard the Pirates' treasure chest.

In Him Russ

PS Please tell me if you are coming and which day so I have enough supplies.
If you forget to tell me or come at the last minute that is fine, too.

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Bob Helfinstine,David Bergman, Charlotte Wilcox, Russ McGlenn

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"Does Bill Nye Know Science?"
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Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Learning Center/ Museum Brochure
1360 W. McCoy Ln. Suite 3 Santa Maria, CA, open by appointment only, call Russ Cell 805 588 3353.

Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Learning Center Brochure (High Resolution)

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Russ McGlenn phone for question or e mail to russmcglenn{at}

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