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Adventure Safaris 2014 Year End Report

Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Learning Center/ Museum Brochure
1360 W. McCoy Ln. Suite 3 Santa Maria, CA, open by appointment only, call Russ or Tricia, Cell 805 588 3353.

Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Learning Center Brochure (High Resolution)

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Calendar for Minnesota Fall 2014 School Year Taught by Russ McGlenn

Wonders of God’s Creation – Natural History (Science Class)
Wyoming Sept. 5, 12, 26
Oakdale Sept. 11, 17, 19
Chaska Sept. 22, 23, 24

Inventor’s Workshop
Brooklyn Center at the Korkki’s house Sept. 10 and 16
Address: 6937 Willow Lane, Brooklyn Center, 55430

Como Zoo Adventure Safari - Seeing God’s Handiwork in Animals. Sat. Sept 20 from 10AM – 2PM a 30 page colorful handbook is included. The cost for families is $28; singles $15. We will meet by the Carousal (originally from the fairgrounds). Please notify your leader or contact Russ & Tricia McGlenn 805 588 3353: Text or Email

TCCSA Russ Speaks Sept. 16 Lise Meitner “ Discoverer of the Splitting of the Atom” 7:30PM in Nazareth Hall, at the University of Northwestern, 3003 N. Snelling Ave, St Paul, 55113.

Check Out pictures of Lompoc Dino Day Camp Pictures

Russ and Tricia McGlenn phone for question or e mail to russmcglenn{at}

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