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Fall 2014 Calendar
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Calendar for Minnesota Fall 2014 School Year Taught by Russ McGlenn

Wonders of God’s Creation – Natural History (Science Class)
Wyoming Sept. 5, 12, 26
Oakdale Sept. 11, 17, 19
Chaska Sept. 22, 23, 24

Inventor’s Workshop
Brooklyn Center at the Korkki’s house Sept. 10 and 16
Address: 6937 Willow Lane, Brooklyn Center, 55430

Como Zoo Adventure Safari - Seeing God’s Handiwork in Animals. Sat. Sept 20 from 10AM – 2PM a 30 page colorful handbook is included. The cost for families is $28; singles $15. We will meet by the Carousal (originally from the fairgrounds). Please notify your leader or contact Russ & Tricia McGlenn 805 588 3353: Text or Email

TCCSA Russ Speaks Sept. 16 Lise Meitner “ Discoverer of the Splitting of the Atom” 7:30PM in Nazareth Hall, at the University of Northwestern, 3003 N. Snelling Ave, St Paul, 55113.

Russ and Tricia McGlenn phone for question or e mail to russmcglenn{at}

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If you have an organization that would benefit from a talk, let us know. In addition to programs on our summer digs and search for Monipogo, we offer prepared talks on several subjects or can customize a topic for a specific group.

Adventure Safaris offers several programs which can be used in church services, Sunday School, youth groups, and even public schools:

  • Pocahontas is a Thanksgiving program about her Christian faith and gift of peacemaking. Russ draws on research into his own Native American heritage to bring insights into the life of Pocahontas. See the article, Pocahontas Journey to Spiritual Peace.

  • Bethlehem Star is a slide presentation about astronomical events which may have foretold the birth of Jesus. (For a number of articles on this topic, see Articles/"Seeing Stars".

  • Goliath explores giants in the Bible as well as in modern history. It features a full size nine foot model of Goliath.

  • Top Ten Living Dinosaurs shows examples of dinosaurs that are still alive today or within recorded history. Featured is evidence of Minnesota Indians' contact with dinosaurs in the last thousand years.

  • Noah's Ark Seminar Noah's Ark: Did Dinosaurs Miss the Boat? Gen. 6-9 Featured will be Russ McGlenn's model of Noah's Ark. It is built to a 5/8 inch to the foot scale (GI Joe scale) It represents a 40 foot length cross section cut out of the Ark 75 feet across and 45 feet high. (two feet by four feet wide by two and a half feet high) You and your students will want to see these features on this remarkable model.

  • For more on the Noah's Ark Seminar, click HERE.

    For an article on Noah's Ark, click HERE.

All programs come alive as attendees hear, see, and touch models to illustrate these presentations.

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