Noah's Ark Seminar

The Ark

Noah's Ark: Did Dinosaurs Miss the Boat? Gen. 6-9

Featured will be Russ McGlenn's model of Noah's Ark. It is built to a 5/8 inch to the foot scale (GI Joe scale) It represents a 40 foot length cross section cut out of the Ark 75 feet across and 45 feet high. (two feet by four feet wide by two and a half feet high) You and your students will want to see these features on this remarkable model:
* A winch and pulley operated lift system for moving animals and equipment around the Ark.
* A complete apartment for Noah and his family.
* Various sized cages for the birds and animals.
* Over 100 model animals showing the pairs God commanded.
* A unique hull construction so the ship could be built in place without external scaffolding.
* Models of food supplies, containers, processing equipment, storage techniques, and a water system.
* Ventilation, waste disposal, feeding of animals, and everyday life aboard a sea going vessel are shown.
* How would eight people be able to feed, water, and clean the16,000 animals that were on the Ark?
* Did the dinosaurs "miss the boat?"
* Could the Ark carry all the food and water needed for the year they were on the ocean?
* What engineering techniques would Noah have used to build the biggest wooden ship ever made?

For an article on the ark, click HERE.

For information on a comprehensive book Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study by John Woodmorappe, see his website,

The book is available from John Nuckols.

All programs come alive as attendees hear, see, and touch models to illustrate these presentations.

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