Outline For 2001-2002 Home School Class Schedule

Title: From Cells to Nations, Genesis 10, Cells, Genetic Variation and Geological Formations.

A special note to parents and the Homeschools:

Originally I had planned to write a whole new curriculum for next year. After my hospital visit I have been advised not to take on too many new projects so I will be using some of a program taught about 5 years ago. Almost 35% is new. Thank you all for your understanding in this and your prayers for me.

In Him,

Russ McGlenn

Rates for schools: Will be $160 per 1/2 day (usually three 1 hour classes and $60 for each additional hour) and $12 per family per semester for materials fee ($24.00 for the year)

Goal: To show how life develops from cells and how life was introduced after the Flood, diversified, and spread over the Earth through genetic variations and around physical barriers.

Theme verse: As the cell is studied, we will see more of how God knits and weaves us together . "You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." Ps. 139:13-16 "And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth. Gen. 9:1.

Material cost: Syllabus for 16 lessons which will include lesson outlines, goals, verses, vocabulary, and parent administered quizzes.

Description of Lessons # 1-16 as follows:

1. Cells. Constructing a cell from PVC pipe 2x2 feet in size. Students build model. Material cost: construction outline and explanation.
2. 20 Amino Acids that make cells. The right order. Students make PVC amino acid model.
3. DNA, tRNA, mRNA Blueprints and carpenters. Video on Home School Science Fair.
4. Onion cell and seeing the chromosome, students do hands on Microscope lab. Material cost: slides, stain, cell cultures.
5. Skin color and how we get it. Material cost: for food colors students mix to copy melanin skin colors.
6. Mendel's Laws of genetics. Students do punnet squares to show how inheritance of eye, skin, and hair color occurs. Material cost: for handouts on punnet squares for Noah, Jesus' genealogy and God's plan for mankind.
7. Embryology -These two lessons will be added on cell development in the unborn child while in the womb. This is an exciting picture of God's power and love towards us from conception to eternal life.
8. Embryology - part 2
9. Genetics, Giants, midgets, and pygmies. A Biblical perspective. Goliath model. Students do Population Growth Game. Population and genetics distribution. Material cost: for game on how fast Noah's children could re-populate the world.
10. Miller's experiment on life from a test tube really shows God's handiwork. Material cost: for the Miller Game for each student.
11. Phoenicians the first Sailors to carry colonist around the world, Ships of Tarshis. Megalithic Construction after the Flood. K-3 students make cutout model of Ark. Older students do math and technology to move giant stone in Balbeck, Lebanon. Material cost: for handout of world population map showing movement of nations for each student to fill out.
12. Classification of rocks and minerals. Material cost: for hands on identification table of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.
13. Volcanism. Slide presentation. Slides of Mt. St. Helens. Learn Igneous Rocks and view several types. Material cost: for working volcano model to show strata deposition.
14. Glaciers versus the Flood. Is there geological evidence for an ice age that covered North America? Material cost: for hands on modeling of the movement of glaciers. Mt. Baker Glaciers
15. Stream table and Flood activity. Hands on activity to model flood erosion and deposition demonstration. Raindrop table. Material cost: equipment for experiment.
16. Strata Box and how strata are laid down. Game: match rocks to proper strata. Material cost: classification handouts.

The schools have been so good in organizing classes, keeping a treasury, and keeping good attendance and self discipline. It is a joy for me to work with your students.

One thing that would be helpful is to have the students wear name tags for the coming year. Some schools are already doing this. Because I have nearly 600 kids and see them only two times a month it makes it hard to learn all their names. Having a name tag makes it easier to get a students attention when they are distracted. If a student is having a problem in class, I can write down their name and get it to the parents, also. Many schools have plastic holders for the name tags with clips on them that they pass out in the first hour and collect last hour.

I am in 14 homeschools around the Twin Cities. If you cannot find a homeschool to join, let my wife Tricia know and she can find one near you.

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