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Summer 2000 Dig Report


Summer 2000 we had about 230 visitors at our dig site. Most had never heard the catastrophic flood interpretation of fossils. In addition we were invited to speak to native Americans and given an on-going opportunity, to teach Creation Science in several tribal schools via the Internet. We are working on an exciting new curriculum for our international students locally. Showing how the nations dispersed after the “Tower of Babel” helps them to see we are all one race—the human race. Pray that these openings will bear fruit.

Adventure Safaris hosted three separate dinosaur camps summer soon, one in the South Dakota Badlands, one in Wisconsin, and one in Manitoba, Canada. Russ brought his Noah’s Ark Museum of fossils and models of life before the Flood.

Though most digs allow only older students and adults to dig, we let every age level excavate. The dinosaur dig is an opportunity for the whole family to not only dig dinosaurs, but have good Christian fellowship and activities, too.

Free time in the afternoon is used for swimming, museum viewing in town, arrowhead hunting, hiking, Creation Science games, and bone molding. All camps have morning and evening classes with relevant lessons on creation science related to the area we are exploring.

  • Badlands Dinosaur Camp, South Dakota. (Four 5-day camps last year)
    We ran four, 5-day camps in June and July, 2000 (see below). It was at a sauropod (long neck dinosaur) site near Belle Fourche, SD, a one-hour drive from Rapid City, SD.

    For the South Dakota camp, we sent out a 100 page manual/curriculum before the dig so people could practice dig techniques in their backyard. ( and who know what you might find!)

2 Diggers
  • Dinosaur Indian Camp, Wisconsin.
    The Dinosaur and Indian camp took place in May 2000 at Wisconsin Dells, in Wisconsin’s Famous Dells recreation area. Marine fossils were dug on a one day trip. Indian effigy mounds and early cave dwellings were visited.

    Special Indian crafts, foods, games, a teepee and survival camp are many of the activities. Russ drew from his Native American background to help everyone experience how Indians lived and what the Bible has to say about their origin and future.

    Participants also learned about evidence of early Indian contact with dinosaurs.

    We stayed in a group camp run by Christians -- not real fancy but has the basics. There were plenty of sights at the Dells on the way to and from the camp.


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Descriptions of Web site Pictures Dig 2000

1. Overview of dig site

3. Carmen Riley digging

14. Dixie and tool use

15. Dan, Nathan, JR, and Tyler

19. Week 2 team

21. Week 2 team

33. Rangeland Days at dig

35. Heidi Braun with toe claw

36. Sauropod toe claw

41. Vertebra tail

43. Brian Braun with Rib

45. Moving sacrum out of pit

47. Students with toe carpal bone

48. Team for last week at Dino dig

49. Von Vetts leave with Trailer

51. Dave La France by petrified stump.

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