T  W  I  N       C  I  T  I  E  S       C  R  E  A  T  I  O  N       S  C  I  E  N  C  E       A  S  S  O  C  I  A  T  I  O  N


Twin Cities Creation Science Association Web Address

The TCCSA Web Site can be found at "tccsa.tc" (you don't always need the "www"). You are free to think of it as "Twin Cities Creation Science Association [dot] Twin Cities." but actually, the ".tc" refers to Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Crown Colony consisting of eight islands just east of The Bahamas.

The Islands have been successively inhabited by the Tainos and Lucayan Indians and have been governed by the Spanish and French before flying the British flag. The first British settlers came from Bermuda and were joined by loyalists fleeing the American Revolution. The islands have long had a strong relationship with Jamaica and The Bahamas and became a British Crown Colony in 1962.

Perhaps TCCSA should sponsor a scientific tour? How about in January or February? Topics of study might include solar radiation, tropical reef ecology, wave action and the psychology of leisure. Perhaps we can get a grant from their government since we are already part of their internet family?!  ;-)   We could call it "visiting the website."