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From: Ross Olson
Sent: December 27, 2007
To: Answers Magazine (feedback{at}answersmagazine.com)
Subject: Not quite right

Dear Editor of "Answers" and staff of Answers in Genesis,

Thank you for all the good things that you do. But there are occasional mistakes. "The Gospel Message Written In The Stars" (January - March 2008) does not get it quite right. Many have opposed the theory simply on the basis that astrology is associated with evil, even in the Old Testament. But the forgotten fact is that recorded for us in the Scripture is the fact that the Magi knew from the stars that the King of the Jews was born -- and they were good guys!

Dr. Faulkner mainly critiques the work of Francis Rolleston instead of taking a closer look at "The Gospel in the Stars" by Joseph Seiss, published in 1882 (but still in print through Kregel). To focus on the perversions of the original story as falsifying it is the same thing evolutionists do to the creation and flood stories found in cultures throughout the world.

The alterations of the Orion story can be attributed to Nimrod and perhaps later his enemies, such as the use of the word to mean "fool." To say that this disqualifies it as a part of the series of stories -- associated with a great object lessons in the sky portraying the prophesied coming Redeemer -- would be equivalent to saying that God would not have given His Son a name which is also a swear word!

Ross S. Olson MD

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